Thursday, May 24, 2007

Calm before the (Decatur Arts Festival) Storm

For those of you who don't know, my very talented sis is one of the organizers of the Decatur Arts Festival. (Short plug to follow):
This Weekend Only! Don't Miss it!
Art Work Galore! Funnel Cake! Live Music! Beer!

Saturday, May 26 • 10 am-6 pm

Sunday, May 25 • 12 am-6 pm
Cath could have done that much better, but unfortunately you have to hear it from me. She is attempting to conserve every last bit of energy tonight in preparation for 12 hr. work days, 3 days straight, this coming weekend. So while she assembles tents/booths, soothes artistic temperments, and shouts into a walkie talkie, I will update you with the going-ons of the festival. She has warned me that Friday night and Saturday morning will be the most stressful, but at the moment she looks quite calm (see below).
Happy Decatur Arts Festival Weekend!

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