Monday, April 30, 2007

Eat, Eat, Shop, Shop, Eat, Eat

Atlanta might not be the fashion capital of the world, but it has a number of good places to shop and eat, which we'll highlight on this blog.

The following images map out how we enjoyed a fine weekend day in ATL:

Chick Fil-A milkshakes are heaven in a Styrofoam cup! We were determined to test out the newest flavor, Mint Cookies & Cream. It really just tasted like the regular Cookies & Cream shake with mint syrup in it. Nevertheless, it was pretty delicious.

A cuppa at Indie Coffee. The shop has organic teas and a great selection of books - also delicious coffee. Nice outdoor seating as well.

Quick stop at Decatur CD - one of the best music stores in Atlanta. You won't find any stuck-up store clerks here! Our favorite thing about Decatur CD is the frequent free in-store concerts (complete with free beer).

DressCodes is like a slice of Manhattan in Atlanta. The items are fairly expensive, but we found some great deals on the sales rack: one linen/cotton Stella-McCartney-ish tunic and a sheer black graphic tee from Thailand.

Bison burgers at Ted's Montana Grill. We usually try to stay away from chain restaurants, but we make an exception for the environmentally conscious Ted Turner establishment. Even the toilets are environmentally friendly: you flush up for "liquids" and down for "solid waste" (no joke, visit one of Ted's and you'll see for yourself!).

Round off the evening at The Chocolate Bar. We went all out with an order of Cava, a rubarb, pickled strawberry tart and brownie with peach ice cream. It wasn't as delicious as we hoped, so next time we'll stick with coffee or some hot chocolate.

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