Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh Fashion Magazines, How I Love Thee

My love of fashion really stems from an obsession with fashion magazines. It all started very innocently at the age of 15 with In Style, but I soon turned to more serious stuff: Vogue, W, WWD etc. Regardless of the situation, a fashion magazine always puts me in good mood. Call it sick or pathetic, but I'm not ashamed! After years of building up a massive collection (some I just can't part with), frequent purges (I make trips every month to the local recycling center after I've cut out my favorite fashion spreads), and complete knowledge of each local bookstore fashion magazine stash, I have become highly dependent on the classics: American, Italian and UK Vogues, U.S. Elle and U.K. Elle. Other favorites include Domino, Teen Vogue (my non-fashion oriented friends make fun of me all the time for reading a "teen" magazine) and Nylon.

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