Monday, September 3, 2007

Festival Aftermath

I hope a lot of you got to make it out to Decatur this weekend: beautiful weather, funnel cakes, free t-shirts, and most importantly books and author talks. Can you think of a better combination? I know it might seem strange to mix carnival food stuffs and higher, intellectual pursuits, but take my word for it, together they are like bread and butter. Here are a few quick pics from the weekend:

Cath looking effortlessly chic and festival ready. See that light blue Book Fest tee? That means power, people... well she did get to walk around with a walkie-talkie (she's on the Festival's committee).

I'm wearing my new favorite t-shirt from the Wren's Nest (click here if you'd like to sport one yourself). Cath bought me these spiffy red "ray-bans" from Urban Outfitters.

This is the creation of our friend and book fest coordinator extraordinaire, Joe. This is one of the many centerpieces he made for the tables at the Book Fest VIP party.

A quick collage of some Book Fest remnants: (from top left, clockwise) Beneath the Neon by Matthew O'Brien, Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott, my new Wren's Nest tee (yep- same one I wore yesterday- it really is my new favorite shirt), the official Book Festival program.



Mare said...

Hi Guys!
The Book Fest sounds like a good time to me--carnival food and books? Low brow and high brow living in harmony? Sweet! I would have been like a kid in a candy shop if I could have attended (well, no, for me, a kid in a candy shop would best apply to being set loose in Sephora with unlimited cash [okay, so that's a tad shallow, what can I say?]). Anyway, I love going to book festivals and have had some great conversations with authors and received some wonderful personalized autographs. Sweet! But I particularly wanted to comment on the centerpiece made by your friend Joe. Most most excellent. I love it. It would have taken all my willpower not to snag one of his centerpieces off of a table. And y'all look great as usual!
Aunt Mare
P.S. I need y'all's help with some graphics questions--I'll be in touch. Thanks!

Frasier said...

you look good and cool and thankfully the weather was not as bad, was it?
I wanted so bad to come but we had a wedding that took all weekend long!!

AsianCajuns said...

Hi Aunt Mare!
We wish you could have been there! You would have loved it. We met only a few authors this year: Matthew O'Brien (young,cute-y who writes about the Las Vegas sewer/drain system) and Karen Abbott (we've never met someone more passionate about 19th cent. madams and their prostitutes).
Please fire away with those graphic questions-- those are our favorite kind ;)

Frasypoo- thanks for the kind words! Sorry you missed the festival, but we hope you had fun at the wedding (we love those sandals)!

Jacquelyn said...

Powder blue tee-the new power suit. Who knew? Who designed the "save the nest" tee? And of course, congrats on the success of the 2nd annual Decatur Book Fest to all concerned.

maggie bam boo said...

i like your blog. thanks for writing!