Friday, March 21, 2008

She's Wearing a Prehistoric Squid on her Neck!

Never thought a squid-round-the-neck would look so good, did ya?
Cath's latest purchase from Vivid Boutique (yup. that same Decatur boutique I gushed about when showing off my new vegan-friendly purse)! The necklace was made by Vivid's lovely owner, and very reasonably priced.
The stone is actually a pre-historic creature! This is what the very informative tag says:
Prehistoric squid which grew by adding chambers to it's shell, and may have reached 60' in length. This specimen was found in the Sahara desert and dates to the "Devonian" period, 350 million years ago.



Katie said...

soooooo cool! i want one!

dance with me forever said... stuff. i love pre historic things..:)

amelia said...

Wait! I was just talking about their fossil necklaces yesterday! So neat! Also: way to beat me to the punch, Catherine. Sigh.

AsianCajuns said...

Katie, you're not the only one! A couple of my co-workers went out and bought the same necklace because they thought it was so fun.

Helvetica, I never thought I'd be wearing a pre-historic squid on my neck!

Amelia, seriously?! It's so rare that the topic of fossil necklaces gets brought up ;).