Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

With 3 dance performances and the parents in town for a few days we jammed a lot into the weekend. Below are just a few of the highlights.

Our dance friends are ridiculously stylish. Not only can they drape Ikea sheets like pros (see earlier post), they're also true fashionistas off stage. Below Becca and Stacey prove my point. Becca is dressed in vintage finds and Stacey is head to toe in Target - and they both look fabulous! You can check out another dancer friend's style on her own blog: Hiking in Stilettos.

A weekend would not be complete without a few stops in some local boutiques. DressCodes is one of our favorites - great clothing and a super cute (and friendly) guard dog.

After the Saturday night performance we celebrated with dessert at Cakes & Ale - Decatur's newest restaurant. The pistachio and strawberry ice cream Baked Alaska (left) is the best I've had. The Phatty Cakes (right) are soft ginger cookies with a creme filling - perfect with a cup of coffee from a French press.

While stuffing our faces with Phatty Cakes, we met fellow blogger and local jeweler extraordinaire June Shin. More on that in another post!

To sum it up, a good time was had by all. I wouldn't mind having more weekends like this one.



tam pham said...

omg...that baked alaska looks sooooooo good. love pistachio and strawberry! glad to see you guys back to blogging! :-)

WendyB said...

Cute pooch!

Style On Track said...

That is THE cutest doggy ever, I am dying for a pet dog, so I really really love that dog, I'll have to show the picture to my fiance ;)

That food looks delicious, I am STARVING, it is that time between dinner and lunch (and snacks) so my stomach is just craving those deserts :)

Lynn said...

ok.... i need to go make myself coffee and dig our office pantry for some kind of desert, and I'm supposed to cut down on caffeine... so not helping...!

(*love teasing you guys*)

Unknown said...

the dog is adorable! I want to try a phatty cake.

The Fancier said...

Your baked alaska is making me drool! And the post on Celia Birtwell is making me rethink Express. I usaully poo-poo it but this line looks like it could be worthwhile!

Stephanie said...

Those look delish!

Ashley said...

it was so great being around you two again! i will definitely call you when i'm in the area... maybe we can get some of those yummy-looking desserts!

thanks for the tag!! i'll post asap!


Danz said...

I've never heard of Phatty Cakes but then again, they don't sound like something I should learn more about. Well, maybe just one...


Secretista said...

You guys always do the best things and eat the best foods!!!

Danika said...

Were any pictures taken of the performance? I'd love to see them, I love modern dance almost as much as I love ballet.

AsianCajuns said...

Hi Tam Pham! Thanks for the welcome back!

Wendyb, we couldn't agree more.

On Track, looking back at this post makes me want a puppy and dessert too!

Lynn, we actually got decaf coffee and it was still delicious - so you can cut back too ;)

Natasha, the phatty cakes are soooo good!

August, I'm glad someone agrees with me about express. They're stores are huge, but they never have anything good.

Stephanie, trust me, it was!

A, i can't wait to see what you post next!

Danz, you'd think that eating something called a Phatty cake would make you feel, well, fat - but it's so delicious you can't feel guilty!

Secretista, that's why are wallets are always empty! ;)

Muriel, yay! a modern dance fan. Unfortunately all the performance pics came out blurry. Maybe next time!

Katie said...

oh my god, that baked alaska just forced me to look up flight prices to atlanta!

beccaweber said...
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beccaweber said...

hey you guys,

so great to be posted on your blog. i know it's not a 'real' blog, but i posted how flattered i am on my lj:

also, yum! i was wondering what cakes & ale served. glad that i'll keep seeing you (at least catherine...join lauren, join the group!) at yoga on mondays. i know i'll miss seeing you lovely ladies at rehearsals all the time...


AsianCajuns said...

Katie, you are too funny!

Becca, don't worry - I'll get lauren to take yoga with us - just wait and see. I know she misses you just as much as I do (already)!