Sunday, February 15, 2009

We'd Like to Thank...

Our dear friend Ashley, of Hiking in Stilettos, awarded us with Cute's Blogger Award:

I have no idea what or who Cute is, but we're honored all the same. Thanks, Ash! We're suppose to give the award to 10 other bloggers, but it always seems impossible to just pick a few. So we're opening up this award up to everyone. Let us know if you accept! We are inspired by all of our fellow-bloggers!

Post Update:
The lovely Ana B. of On Dressing Up just gave us the wonderfully sweet blog award.

What a great way to end our Valentine's weekend. Thank you Ana!


Mode Junkie said...

congrats on the award. can't believe i just found about your blog today. how stupid can i be? :) you guys are fab and cute. just like the award says.

Unknown said...

Thank you for giving this out!!