Monday, July 23, 2007

Keep Calm and Carry On

This wondrous fine is actually credited to our ever creative, inquisitive mum. Browsing around the bookstore website for Barter Books, she encountered this sage advice deliverable to you for a mere 6 pounds (sterling)- and that includes shipping, my friends! So, for a mere $10 you can purchase this historic poster (wonderful decorative item) plus a large dose of self-help without tuning into Oprah or visiting your nearest bookstore's Deepak Chopra collection .
The poster was originally distributed by the British government during the unrelenting bombings of WW II as a reminder to those stoic Brits to maintain that stoicism (stiff upper lip and all that). I think it's brilliant. And I'm trying to convince Cath that this is just the sort of thing we need staring us in the face everyday. A gentle reminder (or perhaps not so gentle. it's very red and very large.) of how to stave off the mean reds.
Also, we recommend visiting the Barters Book site for a look at their author mural (click on BB Mural). Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf chat it up along side Yeats and Hemingway (who is being felt-up by the acerbically witty Dorothy Parker).


Mare said...

Guten Tag from your aunt who knows about five German words now--including the words for "crap weather"! (I'm in Dublin--but it's not like Scheiss Wetter ever happens in Ireland of course!) But I digress: I love the "Keep Calm" sign; I'll be purchasing one, absolutely. Yesterday, I saw some fantastic shoes, among other things, that reminded me of you guys. I'm very spacey so I promptly forgot the brand name, but as I'll be buying a pair of shoes at that store, I'll be sure to get the name. Y'all probably already know of them, but still, I don't want to pass them by just in case....

Carry on! :-) Mare

AsianCajuns said...

Dublin sounds wonderful! Also, someone might be getting you that poster for your wedding gift (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) ;)

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks, Aunt Mare!
Congratulations too! We wish we could have been in Ireland to see you. Well, since we couldn't make it, we hope Bono and/or The Edge made an appearance :) Happy shoe shopping!