Thursday, July 19, 2007


Usually around this time of year the dread of going back to school is offset by my excitement of starting with a clean slate. I love buying new school supplies and fancy organizers, but the really great part is buying new fall clothes. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on my mood) I no longer have an excuse to create a fresh start. Instead, I'm working in the same office that I have been for the past 12 months.

So, to right this wrong, I'm dedicating this back-to-school period my wardrobe-redo-time-of-the-year. Not quite as catchy, but there you have it.

My office isn't extremely formal, so I decided to get some inspiration from The Sartorialist and Face Hunter.

I love the cropped, short-sleeve jacket (right), it's lady-like but not stuffy and crop jackets have been in style long enough that I'm sure to find a cheap version. I probably wouldn't wear plaid (middle) to work unless I could find one with a trim cut. I love the way this Asian-Johnny-Depp look alike wears plaid so elegantly. I really like the layering in the left image and the way the sweater hangs.

Face Hunter usually has more edgy fashion, but I could wear some version of the outfits in the pictures below. An elegant tank with high-waisted, wide-leg pants (top left) or a 3/4 fitted skirt with a wrap top (top right). I'd love to find a dress like this navy blue one (bottom left). It looks comfortable and formal enough for an office and pencil skirts (bottom right) are a pain to walk in, but they look great.
Here are some pieces I found at I would layer a thin turtleneck under the trapeze dress (left) and I'd pull my hair back and wear my glasses with the shirt dress (left) for a librarian look.
I found some great stuff at LaRedoute and they're having their fall preview sale so I'm very tempted to actually purchase some of these items. I love the cuts of the clothing in this website and I've never been disappointed with La Redoute. The black dress in the lower right photo is a little conservative, but I love the skirt detailing. Talk about the perfect Little Black Dress!
Of course my materialism doesn't end with clothing. I found some great office supplies at It's not really anything I need, but considering that I spend the majority of my day in the office, making it aesthetically pleasing is really not as frivolous as it sounds.
So now I just have to keep working in order to afford these purchases. Hmmm....I'm sensing some type of vicious cycle....



Eli said...

on that facehunter picture where the girl iswearing the blue dress with black jem things around the dress...I have it, got it on sale at Mango for like twenty bucks! woo

AsianCajuns said...

*sigh* I love Mango, but there aren't any down here in the deep south.