Friday, October 19, 2007

Good things from Sweden

Who knew that Sweden was more than Ikea and H&M? Okay, okay... everyone knows Sweden is much much more and I just sound like a narrow-minded American consumer (which I am in many ways). Apart from bringing about those two delightful shopping meccas, Sweden is a lovely haven of great design (fashion, textiles, graphics), fabulous music (yes, we are still in love with Peter, Bjorn and John), and those red fish snacks. Cath and I are constantly inspired by their aesthetic. Just yesterday I dressed with Stockholm Street Style in mind and bought tickets to see The Shout Out Louds at the Loft (Oct.31).

How is this Swedish? Jacket + scarf + leggings + flats. (P.S. the AsianCajuns have never been to Sweden, but would love to visit! So, our Swedish fashion is based on fashion blogs... purely. But we doubt we'll be disappointed when we do save up to visit).

cropped jacket:: h&m
scarf:: new york & Co. tunic:: Kaleidoscope (another great Decatur boutique) leggings:: tarjay shoes:: steve and berry (SJP's line)

This is a pic of the Shout Out Louds (and a few others, I think). Do visit their website and check out more photos by Malarky (very interesting, very talented).


Romeika said...

Sweden rules when it comes to style ^^ Such a coincidence you posted this, i just had something related to this topic in mind.

WendyB said...

LOL @ "red fish snacks." Looking lovely, as always.

Andrew Fleischman said...

Don't forget about the new Japanese sensation of wearing "escape clothing"

Sure, the Swedes have meatballs and blondes, but do they have vending machine skirts? I think not.

Lynn said...

nice scarf!

LalaLiu said...

lovely outfit! I wanna visit sweden, i wanna travel the world!