Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Band Crush: Pete and J

Pete and J of Pete and J

We spent last Wednesday evening with friends listening to the talented gents of Pete and J at Eddies Attic in downtown Decatur. They were absolutely brilliant and some of the nicest, sleeze-free band members we've ever met (technically we only met Pete and Sarab, their drummer, but we are sure J is equally delightful- just check out his hair).

Check their schedule to see if these Brooklynites will be in your town any time soon. For those out of luck, click here and listen for yourselves- let us know what you think!



When I get excited about new music I tend to sketch. Yes. Sketch.
Sketching to the music is a really good option if you are a) at a venue sans dance floor (as on Wednesday), b) sheepish about what I'm sure are some mad dancing skills, or c) really into sketching. All of the above applied at the Pete and J show so this is an example of just such an effusive display. Sarab caught our eye(s) with his mad dancing/tamborining skills. Sarab's hands aren't really mutilated in real life, I was attempting to portray the fluidity and skill of his percussion virtuosity (and, um, the bar was dark).


Quick outfit pics: I know we both look a bit miserable. Note: this is before we saw/heard Pete and J (and before we had dinner- we both we're hitting a sugar low). P.S. For you locals, Eddies Attic is home to not just great music, but really, really, really good burgers and food in general. Laissez les bons temps roulez!

Lar: shirt, Proenza Schouler for Target; shorts, vintagey; purse, Old Navy; shoes, Nine West.
Cath: dress, Gap; larat and belt, H&M; purse, Urban Outfitters; shoes, Steve Madden



Anonymous said...

As gorgeous as ever!

Katie said...

Lar- I love your hair, its so French. I want a whole post devoted to that hair!

Cath- That picture of you under the neon is great. Its exactly how I picture the south: liquid vowels, neon lights at dusk, and mysterious girls perched on park benches.

The Fancier said...

Love your Nine West shoes and fringy bag and Cath, I love the simplicity and chic look of your belted dress.

CAT KHAN said...

love this

Anonymous said...