Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to See Jenny Lewis Tonight!

At the Variety! Hope to see you there.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Highlight

Going through the photos from this weekend made me realize that Lauren and I have had a pretty fantastic couple of days. There were the fun political activities (see previous post), then we enjoyed the great music, great company and great margaritas at The Wren's Nest concert (see this post), and on Friday we got to meet Daniel and Eric, two of the guys behind the Esperanza clothing line at Kaleidoscope Boutique.

We've been fans of Esperanza for some time (evidence here, here and here). And after meeting its creators (they're some of the nicest guys in Atlanta), we're even bigger fans. Needless to say, we added two more shirts to our personal Esperanza collection:

Images courtesy of www.esperanza-atl.com.

And since we haven't done an outfit post in a while, here's a breakdown of what we wore on Friday:

On Lauren: tank and bandeau top from American Apparel, shorts are an old pair of jeans from somewhere and Zara boots.
On me: sunglasses from Urban, scarf from H&M and tee from Madewell.

I'm sure our new Esperanza shirts will be showing up in future outfit posts, so stay tuned!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Politically Charged

Attending a house party for some debate watching Friday evening seems to have set the theme for this weekend. On Saturday we stopped by Wertz Contemporary in the Castleberry Hill district for the temporary Go Tell Mama! exhibit.

Go Tell Mama! is artist CRO's unique approach to campaigning for Obama. The traveling exhibit (Atlanta is CRO's last stop before returning to Chicago) features artwork inspired by the candidate. Check out Go Tell Mama! website for artwork, posters, shirts and a free download.

Pictured below l to r: Obama artists OBEY and CRO.

Image courtesy of www.gotellmama.org.

This morning I watched the latest Tina Fey/Sarah Palin SNL skit on Stephanie's blog. It's hilarious and scarily accurate.

I also had the chance to look through the October Vogue. Page 172 features a number of items from Runway to Change. Big name fashion designers like Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Alexander Wang have created t-shirts and accessories available on Obama's campaign website in exchange for contributions.

Personally, I'm not crazy about the designs. I think I might go for the old school look and just wear a button.

Images courtesy of style.com and barackobama.com.

1. A look from the Nicole Farhi runway.
2. Alexander Wang tank.
3. Albertus Swanepoel hat.
4. Rachel Roy Be the Change scarf.
5. Derek Lam tote bag.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beautiful Baubles

Just like most of you fashionistas out there, Cath and I were really intrigued by the S&M inspired body chains of Low Luv that perfectly complimented the grungy, biker/rock chick look. We're not quite over our infatuation with ripped up boyfriend jeans or studded accessories no matter how calm and breezy the spring runways look.

But... well... sometimes it's just nice to be utterly and completely unabashedly girlie, and wear something because it's beautiful and delicate, not because it looks like it came from Alexander Wang's line.

Enter: ButtercupLtd jewelry. Gorgeous bracelets and necklaces made of crystal, glass, fiber, and wire.

It looks like something Princess Buttercup would wear (and who didn't want to be Buttercup when they we're 5?... Okay 15. 25...). The blues and greens remind me of appropriate attire for ethereal mermaids.

But these glimmery pieces don't just belong on the necks and wrists of fictional characters who wear brocade or fish scales. In fact, I think you could keep the ripped-up cutoffs and big white tees. Slip one of these bracelets or necklaces on top and you have the best of both worlds. Sweet and salty... just the way we like our style.

These gorgeous jewels are available at this Esty site. Let us know if you get anything (there's a limited amount and we're already fighting over the fuzzy bracelet)!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Le Camping: The Evidence

Not only did we survive- we had a dang good time out in the woods! It helped that we had seasoned campers who were the best company two fashionistas out of their element could ask for. Thanks, Pam, Chris, Esther and Matteo- you guys are the best!
And thanks again to all of our lovely readers who gave us really good camping advice. We can give (car) camping a resounding "huzzah!"

Below are just a few photos from our trip and some sketches I did before we set off hiking on Saturday.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday Night Plans in Atlanta

Who, What and When:
See Kingsized this Saturday 6-10 pm.

The Wren's Nest amphitheatre
1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

Oh- so many reasons!
1) Dancing your pants off (literally- if you want to!) to the big band music of Kingsized
2) The Food. Taqueria del Sol is catering this feast- reason enough to be the first in line.
3) The money goes to The Wren's Nest. Don't know what that is or why you should care? Go here and here.
4) We'll be there! Not an inducement? How about the best margaritas in the world (I'm not exaggerating)?!

So, are you guys coming?
You can buy tickets here (hit the donate button) or just call 404-753-7735 (these folks are super-friendly on the phone and never let it ring more than once. Serious. Just try it).


Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Survived!

Thanks to all the wonderful tips from everyone, we made it through a weekend of camping.

We'll be posting photos this week. In the mean time, I'll leave you with this image to give you an idea of what our weekend was like:

. . .minus the cabin, record player, fancy dresses, coiffed hairdos and beer glasses.


Image from Sunset Flame.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Outfits... with bangs!

This is what we decided to wear to Jazzoo Atlanta (a charity event for the Atlanta Zoo). The invite called for Creative Black Tie - gulp. Tricky.
Anyone ever debating whether to attend one of these events (I believe they've had a few for zoos around the country) the words "20 Open Bars" sold us (oh and raising money for zoo research of course).
Thanks for the tickets, Lyn!

hat: Asos.com, dress: Know Style, shoes: Rainbow, purse: Joe (Edinburgh)

bangs by Robin at Dada, dress: F21, bangles: Fred Flare & H&M, shoes: Rainbow


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A New Favorite

The Fall

I remember wanting to see The Fall when it came out in theaters last spring, but I never got around to it. At the urging of our mom, Lauren and I finally rented it this week. I'm kicking myself for not going to see it in theaters because it's so beautiful. It's a fantastic film and I don't know why a bigger deal hasn't been made about it.

The acting is wonderful (Catinca Untaru is the best child actor I've ever seen and Lee Pace is my new movie star crush), the cinematography is breathtaking and the storyline has a perfect mix of agony and hope. It's like taking all the best parts from Pan's Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Return to Oz and The Life Aquatic and turning it into a film.

Obviously I am no film critic, so go see it for yourself and tell me what you think!

The Fall was filmed over a period of four years in 18 different countries: India, Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil, Cambodia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Egypt, Fiji, Nepal, Italy, Maldives, Namibia, France, Romania and Turkey.

I loved the opening credits (below). I know the stils look nothing like the rest of the film. To see how it all ties together go rent the movie!


Update: Style Discovery did an excellent post on the costumes in The Fall, so check it out!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Having a Bit of Fun

It is no secret that I love fashion magazines. I subscribe to Vogue, Lucky, Teen Vogue and Domino (I count that as a fashion mag). And I usually pick up Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire, British Elle and British Vogue every couple of months. It's a sickness, really, and an addiction, but they're all so glossy and fantastical that I can't help myself.

That being said, there are times when I become a little tired of the anorexic models, stilted photo shoots, and overly airbrushed/photoshopped ads. I was feeling this way the other evening while flipping through the September issue of Vogue. So I decided to take a sharpie to some of the pages and have a bit of fun.

Banana Republic must be one of the most inappropriate names for an American clothing store. People who live in a real banana republic wouldn't even be able to afford the button on the sweater below. Was "Absurdistan" and "Kangaroo Court" already taken as store names?

I can't imagine those shoes have much traction on a wet boat.

I have so many questions about the photo shoot below. Did Vogue pay for all those bruised apples? Did some lackey intern have to re-stack them? Why apples? Couldn't they have picked something more resilient, like sponges?

At times I feel that Marc Jacobs has become just like every other successful designer.

Ah, Naomi. So elegant and yet...


PS: Thank you for all the great camping tips!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Plea for Help: Le Camping

Image courtesy of Toast via Poppytalk (cutout by Anne Taintor).

Calling all seasoned campers and outdoorsy-type persons, the AsianCajuns are going camping in a week and we are in desperate need of some camping advice.

This may shock you, gentle readers, but we, alas, are not intrepid outdoors-women. In fact I have a car-freshener that has a coiffed blond standing in front of a sky-scrapper with the words "I love not camping" floating above her head. And it means serious business if it's hanging from my rearview mirror.

Don't get us wrong. We enjoy that sharp, piny scent of sap in the morning, the smell of coffee brewing in the crisp autumn air, plumped marshmallows over a campfire, sunlight dappled through leaves, etc. But (and I think this is fair) the bad of camping seems to far out-weigh the good of camping: large (multi-legged and slithery) bugs, larger animals (the hungry ones with sharp claws and teeth), cold, hard, bumpy ground, limited lavatory options, lots of work with minimal pay-off, and, most importantly, very, very limited clothing options.

We are not comfortable in hiking boots, jeans and fleeces. I think many people look happy, athletic, and - well- practical in these sorts of outfits. Cath and I just feel out of character. In fact, we don't even own practical jeans or fleeces. And you can definitely forget about the hiking boots (motorcycle boots, yes).

We can do the boho thing or the neo-grunge thing, but will that work in an honest to goodness camp site (versus a well-lit and heated photoshoot)? Will shrunken-flannel shirts be sufficient protection against a frosty autumn evening? Are those hippie-chic maxi-dresses flammable around the campfire? Will those Urban Oufitter feather headbands just make us look like poor Pocahontas re-enactors?

We thought about breaking out of our comfort zone and heading to REI, but we realized the overpriced jackets and shoes we would buy would be our equivalent to a bridal gown- worn once and then banished to the back of our closets.

We beseech you. Any good advice you have for fashionistas in the woods (for just two days--- I know, we're weenies) would be much appreciated.

This is what we would have imagined camping to be like if we hadn't had previous (though limited) camping adventures:

Boyfriend washing hair in nearby stream. House-like tent where one can sit comfortably in a white dress and impractical boots, complete with cat and traveling type-writer. Boyfriend with picnic in the gently rolling hills of Kenya... oops! I mean North Carolina.

Photos from Out of Africa (stills) and Vogue.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekend Delicacies

There's almost nothing better than eating your way through the weekend with friends.

Outdoor concert picnic: grapes, cheddar cheese, guacamole with tortilla chips and wine from Trader Joe's (nothing but the best!).

(Dress from Rockit in Decatur and boots from Newport News)

Cherry and grape flavored sno cones at the company picnic and Lauren's bf enjoying some champagne grapes.

A breakfast of pastries and coffee at Parish: almond and chocolate croissant, pistachio custard tart with strawberries and apricot/white chocolate scone.



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Big Bang Debate

Cath and I are thinking we are going to try the "twin thing again." We both will go for bangs (and possibly highlights, right Cath?).

Our number one inspiration (and her progeny):

Jane Birkin and daughters Lou Dillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Glamor Shots

After stopping by Dresscodes last Thursday (see previous post) we headed over to the Paste offices for the the launch of Regator.

If you have not checked out Regator.com, do so now. It's a fantastic website that lists and organizes thousands of the best blogs out there. (Fellow bloggers, if your blog isn't on the site, make sure to nominate it!)
Ryan of OhSnapKid.com took pictures of everyone standing next to Reg, the gator/team captain/mascot of Regator. As you can see, Lauren is looking fabulously glamorous. I, on the other hand, appear to be chewing the insides of my checks (I was trying to do an impression of Reg and started laughing when the photo was taken). Ah well, we can't all be photogenic like our twin sisters...

Glamor shots aside, the party was a lot of fun: excellent music, unlimited drinks and great company. We attended the party with friends and talented bloggers, Amelia and Lain, and finally got to meet face to face with the writers of the following blogs:
I believe a good time was had by all.


Photos from Oh Snap Kid. See the rest of the Regator launch party photos here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Evening at Dresscodes

Thursday night we stopped by Dresscodes for the store's gallery opening of Devin Borden's Survival of the Fittest. The place was packed with lovely looking people wearing skinny jeans, rompers, oxfords, and other fashion forward items.

We ran into our favorite indie jeweler, June Shin (her jewelry is sold at Dresscodes). Of course I couldn't help but snatch up one of her Ganesha rings. I've been wearing it everyday since.


Friday, September 5, 2008

As Happy as Baby Jesus in Velvet Booties...

Or "as happy as baby Jesus in suede fringe booties!" The former (see title) is a quote from my mother who swears that the expression is an old French saying describing ones' state of delirious delight (we have yet to have met a French person who will confirm this). The latter is my take on these Zara fringe booties I drooled over just a post ago. The shear delight of stomping around in these boots make the slightly steep price worth every guilt-ridden inch of my credit card.

ps- It was great to meet so many of our gorgeous, beautiful and very stylish readers this evening at the Regator party (more to come in future posts)!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

J.Crew Travels

Lauren and I are both unapologetic homebodies - there's nothing better than curling up on the couch with a book and a hot cuppa. But we also share a wanderlust that is never satisfied. These contradictory characteristics can sometimes make us downright miserable - always longing to travel when we're home and always wanting to be home when we're traveling.

After studying abroad for a year in college I think we both figured out how to enjoy traveling without missing the comforts of home too much and being at home without constantly wanting to be elsewhere. However, our study abroad experiences were over four years ago and I'm now getting desperate for a real trip. (Visiting home and going to business conferences don't count.)

Unfortunately with rising food costs, $4 gasoline and an incredibly weak dollar, it doesn't look like I'll be traveling anytime soon. These romanticized images from J.Crew's September catalog (taken in Prague) are the closest I'll get to a European vacation in the foreseeable future.

Our only upcoming traveling plans is a camping trip at the end of September. More on that later...


Monday, September 1, 2008


A little bit of gentle frivolity to ease you back into the work/school week.
Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

The inspiration (Balmain, Gucci, Erin Wasson):

The purchases (Zara, Newport News):

photos courtesy of style.com