Monday, July 30, 2007

Tibet Style

A couple of months ago Domino did a feature on Tibet Style (above). It's a coffee table book filled with vibrant images of nomadic Tibetans. I didn't think much of the article - especially since I couldn't imagine realistically using hot pink paint on molding in a dark blue room - until I saw the book in person this past weekend at B&N.

I was blown away by the photographs, which mainly focused on individuals wearing huge winter coats, lined with fur and colorful piping. From a superficial, stylistic standpoint, the Tibetans in the photos look incredibly stylish even when the temperature is around five degrees. The unusually-cut outerwear would give Mr. Alexander McQueen a run for his money any day.

The book is a great source of design inspiration - I hope it makes it into my local public library soon!


Weekend Shopping in WePo

Friday night all the shops on West Ponce de Leon Ave (also known as WePo) in Decatur were having a sale. Not ones to miss an opportunity like this, we put on our walking shoes and headed west from the Decatur square. Fabutique, Eviva Shoes and Boogaloos had some great deals, but we were the most successful at Kaleidoscope Boutique and Heliotrope.

Lauren bought a tall, turquoise lantern and a beautiful pearl-y, shell-like necklace. The great thing about Heliotrope is that it has modern, chic items (vases, bowls, trays, candles, accent pieces etc) that are incredibly affordable. For those of you in the Atlanta area, we highly recommend it!

Usually Kaleidoscope Boutique is way out of my budget, but the discounts were good enough to make shopping there more realistic and less of a if-only-I-had-the-money experience. Lauren bought a flow-y, sheer tunic (pictures to come later) and I found a patterned, jersey tunic that I'll wear with my vintage, woven belt (left photo).

All in all, a very productive Friday evening.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We haven't done an outfit post in a while, so here's what we wore on Monday. Below you'll see Lauren completed her outfit with this week's must-have accessory, the seventh Harry Potter book.

Skirt and top from Target, shoes from Banana Republic outlet, earrings from H&M, book from Little Shop of Stories.

I've been meaning to do a post on this shirt for a while. Our friend that's currently living it up in Paris sent me this great shirt from H&M. It was such a sweet gift and now it's become my favorite shirt to wear to work. It's hard to see in the photo, but the shirt has super-thin, green stripes and I love the sleeves. Thanks for such a great birthday gift, Karen!

Sunglasses from Target, skirt and tank from American Apparel, pumps from Delias.


In the Navy

I can absolutely not swim for the life of me and I have no interest in the current day American Navy, but of course that doesn't stop me from enjoying nautical-inspired fashion and home goods! I don't know where or when my love of navy/nautical things began, but I'm happy to know I'm not all alone. For example, below you'll see famous designer Philip Stark in his navy hat looking very much like Napoleon himself (apart from the bone and flannel plaid coat). This isn't the only image I've seen of Mr.Stark in that hat and he's even designed a piece of headgear with a ship on it, which just proves that he also enjoys the nautical look.

Then there's C.S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian who wrote the Horatio Hornblower and Aubrey/Maturin series respectively. Granted, these two writers probably did not devote a large chunk of their writing careers to this topic because they liked the hats of the admiralty. Nevertheless, whether it was due to the enjoyment of the ship's structure or maybe a strong interest in Napoleonic naval warfare, it's clear that Forester and O'Brian greatly enjoyed nautical-ness (how's that for a made-up word!).

Of course I can't mention ships and fashion without including Marie Antoinette. Her infamous ship hat even showed up in Sophia Coppola's 2006 film - albeit in a more realistic size.

Last but not least is Ann Wood's ships made mostly out of fabric. Make sure to visit her blog and see some other ships she's been working on.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Man in a Suit

As a huge fan of fashion, an unabashed Jane Austen fanatic, a graduate of an all-women's college and former ballet dancer, I have to say that 99% of the time I feel pretty lucky to be a woman. Then there's that 1% - whether it's due to that dreaded time of the month or having just read that women still get paid less than their male counterparts on average - where I 'm incredibly envious of men. But what makes me more jealous than anything else, regarding the opposite sex, is the fact that any man - and I mean any man - can look amazing in a suit. It doesn't even necessarily have to be an extremely well made suit, just one that fits decently, and the wearer is immediately transformed from humdrum to Cary Grant. Women can look incredibly glamorous in a blazer and trousers, but it's not the same and we have no suit equivalent.

The image below (from the Sartorialist, of course) is just one of the million examples of the suit's greatness. Even with exposed ankles and a man bag, this guy looks elegant in such a strong, masculine way.
P.S.: The Sartorialist titled this photo "A Man of Underterminable Origin." I wonder if he's an AsianCajun...


Keep Calm and Carry On

This wondrous fine is actually credited to our ever creative, inquisitive mum. Browsing around the bookstore website for Barter Books, she encountered this sage advice deliverable to you for a mere 6 pounds (sterling)- and that includes shipping, my friends! So, for a mere $10 you can purchase this historic poster (wonderful decorative item) plus a large dose of self-help without tuning into Oprah or visiting your nearest bookstore's Deepak Chopra collection .
The poster was originally distributed by the British government during the unrelenting bombings of WW II as a reminder to those stoic Brits to maintain that stoicism (stiff upper lip and all that). I think it's brilliant. And I'm trying to convince Cath that this is just the sort of thing we need staring us in the face everyday. A gentle reminder (or perhaps not so gentle. it's very red and very large.) of how to stave off the mean reds.
Also, we recommend visiting the Barters Book site for a look at their author mural (click on BB Mural). Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf chat it up along side Yeats and Hemingway (who is being felt-up by the acerbically witty Dorothy Parker).

Gypsy Camp this Weekend

So Mr. Napoleon here is taken, but he had a few equally dashing friends last time we were at Gypsy Camp. And for a mere $100 (or so... some of his friends are a little nicked-up or missing all their limbs), you too can be the owner of a Marcus Aurelius, Bacchus, or Apollo. Now you know what your living room has been missing all these years.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Usually around this time of year the dread of going back to school is offset by my excitement of starting with a clean slate. I love buying new school supplies and fancy organizers, but the really great part is buying new fall clothes. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on my mood) I no longer have an excuse to create a fresh start. Instead, I'm working in the same office that I have been for the past 12 months.

So, to right this wrong, I'm dedicating this back-to-school period my wardrobe-redo-time-of-the-year. Not quite as catchy, but there you have it.

My office isn't extremely formal, so I decided to get some inspiration from The Sartorialist and Face Hunter.

I love the cropped, short-sleeve jacket (right), it's lady-like but not stuffy and crop jackets have been in style long enough that I'm sure to find a cheap version. I probably wouldn't wear plaid (middle) to work unless I could find one with a trim cut. I love the way this Asian-Johnny-Depp look alike wears plaid so elegantly. I really like the layering in the left image and the way the sweater hangs.

Face Hunter usually has more edgy fashion, but I could wear some version of the outfits in the pictures below. An elegant tank with high-waisted, wide-leg pants (top left) or a 3/4 fitted skirt with a wrap top (top right). I'd love to find a dress like this navy blue one (bottom left). It looks comfortable and formal enough for an office and pencil skirts (bottom right) are a pain to walk in, but they look great.
Here are some pieces I found at I would layer a thin turtleneck under the trapeze dress (left) and I'd pull my hair back and wear my glasses with the shirt dress (left) for a librarian look.
I found some great stuff at LaRedoute and they're having their fall preview sale so I'm very tempted to actually purchase some of these items. I love the cuts of the clothing in this website and I've never been disappointed with La Redoute. The black dress in the lower right photo is a little conservative, but I love the skirt detailing. Talk about the perfect Little Black Dress!
Of course my materialism doesn't end with clothing. I found some great office supplies at It's not really anything I need, but considering that I spend the majority of my day in the office, making it aesthetically pleasing is really not as frivolous as it sounds.
So now I just have to keep working in order to afford these purchases. Hmmm....I'm sensing some type of vicious cycle....


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vacation Shopping

Here's the last batch of our vacation photos. We didn't do too much clothing shopping in Washington, but we did visit a handful of really cute shops.

Olga's is on Orcas Island and reminded me of a small, more elegant Anthropologie. The store was a mix of jewelry, clothing and home decor goods. The dressing room had the most beautiful wallpaper in it - like something you'd see in Domino magazine.

At a nearby shop, Lauren and I fell in love with these Mongolian-inspired Ugg-like boots. If they had been a little cheaper, we would have both gone home with a pair. I really don't know what I would have worn with them, but I'd wear them everywhere. The boots remind me of something that a celebrity would be caught wearing in US Weekly's worst dress section, which makes me like them that much more. In the end, my practical side got the best of me and all I have to remember these Mongolian ugg boots by are these photos.

I think I spent most of my money at Seattle's Pike Market. I couldn't get over the rows and rows of fresh flowers available there. We purchased a bunch of Sweet Peas for $5! That kind of money might get you a few carnations in Atlanta - if you're lucky.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

According to the Atlanta Business Journal, Zara and Lush are slated to open in Lenox! For me, this is almost better than H&M coming to Atlantic Station. Lauren and I use to shop at Zara all the time in Spain (it's the cheapest there b/c it's based out of Spain). It has a great mix of trendy pieces and work wear, which I'm in desperate need of.

Photo from

Lush is a great UK-based store that we frequented in Scotland. It has wonderful handmade soaps that smell really fresh and all-natural facial and hair products.

Photo from

We try to avoid Lenox for the most part, but a Zara and Lush might change all that...


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vacation Shopping

No matter where we are, we always try to keep an eye out for good, independently-owned bookstores. There wasn't too much time to shop while we were in Washington state, but here are a few bookstores that we enjoyed.

There's a great bookstore/gift shop at Uwajimaya in Seattle. I'm sure if we had been able to spend more time there I would have done a lot of damage to my wallet. I found the craft books especially intriguing - they're so colorful and stylish.
To escape from the crazy crowds at Pike Market, Lauren and I popped into Left Bank Books (top image). I loved the feel of this store. It reminded me of the used bookstores I use to hang out in while I was living in Edinburgh. Darvill's Bookstore in Orcas Island (bottom left) reminded me of the Shop Around the Corner in You've Got Mail (yeah, that's right, I made a Nora Ephron movie reference - so sue me). The pale yellow walls and old-fashion overhead lighting was really enchanting. I could have spent a whole day in Seattle's Elliott Bay Books (bottom right) - it's HUGE. Image New York's Strand, but with more breathing room. There's a giant room just devoted to used books and an upstairs landing filled with travel books. The store feels like it goes on forever.

I'm not bashing Borders and B&N, but if the big box, chain bookstores were to somehow disappear tomorrow, I don't think anyone would miss them with stores like Left Bank, Darvill's and Elliott Bay are around. That's why I have such high hopes for Wordsmiths Books - Atlanta's very own homegrown, independently-owned bookstore.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Bastille Day!

To celebrate French Independence Day, I've assembled a handful of French madames and mademoiselles whom all possess that 'je ne sais quois.'
Eat a baguette with brie (or some lovely paté, mmmm) or a pain au chocolat, drink some wine, and run around in red, white and blue shouting "Vivre La France!" (a good way to burn all those French calories. Merde).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 Days in Paris style

In addition to looking like a great movie (see previous post for trailer), 2 Days in Paris has amazing style. I couldn't find too many images online - the official website is in German and mostly text. Hopefully the closer it gets to the US release date (sometime in August) more information will be available online - in English. I hope it comes to Atlanta!
Of course it's hard to beat Julie Delpy's black-rimmed glasses - especially since she wears them less self-consciously than Ashley (or is it Mary Kate?) Olsen. Nice purse too - very practical.

I think this dress looks better in the trailer. It seems a little stilted in this image. However, now I'm adding yellow pumps and a Pucci-esque dress to my wish list!

2 DAYS IN PARIS - Trailer

This movie looks so great. We're big fans of Julie Delpy and it has a kind of Before Sunset feel to it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


One of the best things about going on vacation is trying different types of food. The northwest isn't necessarily an exotic location, but the delicious food we hand certainly deserves to be mentioned in its own blog post.

Of course there is an abundance of coffee shops/cafes in Seattle and the surrounding areas, so we got our fill of the stuff. Lauren enjoyed her iced espresso in downtown Seattle.

Being so close to the ocean meant eating fresh seafood almost everyday - except for our cook-out on the beach where we feasted on hot dogs, chips, hard cider and s'mores. We also filled up on Rainer cherries and golden raspberries.

It was a lot of fun picking oysters then cleaning them, shucking them and eating them at the oyster farm. It was my first time eating raw oysters without a ton of lemon butter or cocktail sauce and I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were.

Other meals included mussels and crab cakes - yum.
Even though it was 10:00 in the morning, we stopped by Dick's, a Seattle fast food institution, for strawberry and chocolate milkshakes.

You can't visit Seattle without going to the Pike Place Market. I found it a bit overwhelming because it was so crowded, but it has yet to turn into a really touristy-type place (apart from the original Starbucks, which was a madhouse). We spent a while at the German meat market shop. Maris' green dress complimented the colorful packages of the German baked goods, jams and pickled-things. The Three Girls Bakery has the best chocolate macaroons and ginger cookies. After Pike Place we stopped by Uwajimaya, an amazing Asian market where we bought sushi and my all-time favorite cha siu baau (steamed buns).

Having just returned from Hong Kong, Maris brought back these cute cookie tins for all of us. I love the guy on the front and the cute designs on the back. The little cakes that come inside are separated by flavor. Given my past experiences with Asian desserts, I know they can either be really good or really, really bad - so I have yet to muster up the courage to try a cake. Until then, I'll enjoy the cute packaging.

4th of July would not be complete without pie.

Lavender Fields

One of the best things about Friday Harbor (and there's a lot) is the Pelindaba Lavender field. You can cut your own lavender or go to the gift shop for an endless amount of stuff made with lavender. They have everything from lavender ice cream to lavender all purpose cleaner.


Monday, July 9, 2007

At One With Nature...almost

The views from the islands were amazing. On Orcas Island you get a clear view of Mt. Baker.

The climate of the San Juan Islands is similar to that of the UK. There are flowers everywhere.
We stopped by an alpaca farm on the way to Roche Harbor. Pretty gosh, darn cute.
Frick and Frack. Two baby raccoons by the beach.
An oyster field. We chose to buy the ones that had already been picked, which made for a faster cleaning process.
Having fun with bits of dried-up seaweed.
Have to wonder what the message of this etching is.