Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moxsie Goodies

Early this week Cath and I received some lovely goodies from Moxsie. It was like Christmas in July (or April)! Each little package contained something delectable: sleek sunnies, gorgeous feathered necklace, and a clutch covered with huge silver bubbles. I went a little crazy with the photo-taking, but I wanted you guys to see the details of each piece- that's what made us drool.

Now I know the prices of these pieces are a little in the spendy range, but what I really like about Moxsie's selection is that it's all independent labels (no big corporations or companies) AND part of the proceeds go to a charity of the designer's choice. Shop and Do Good. You know we like that. Uh huh.

Cassius Gehry sunglasses.

Miss KK triple peacock necklace.

Laugoa bubble clutch.


Bus Tomato Lobster

I'm still addicted to all things Pantone. You would think spending 8 hours a day clicking on Pantone boxes in Illustrator would make me sick of the Pantone Universe- not a chance! We already have the mugs* and the other day, this wallet just leaped into my purse. I love the red, red, red of it. The Pantone tag that comes with it says "Bus, Tomato, Lobster" which translates into my head as "London, Ketchup, delicious-foodie-things-you-eat-by-the-sea." It's also vegan friendly and very roomy (just like my purses, I like my wallets XL). Next up, Pantone luggage tags!

* Get your AsianCajun Discount at Heliotrope! You'll save $2 on each of your Pantone mugs.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"I Like to Keep My Hand In"

I found this zebra mask at Richards Variety Store (right by the Midtown Trader Joe's). Cheapie animal masks always remind me of that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly and Paul/Fred steal masks from the Five and Dime. Mine cost me $1.25, but it is totally worth the inflation price. Also, these masks work well if your make-up has slid off your face by the end of day and you are sporting a glistening sheen. Holly never seemed to have that problem.

Jacket, shirt and shorts are H&M, shoes are Nine West


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mail Order Studs

DIY on it's way- woohoo!

If you guys are sourcing studs online, I strongly recommend CrustPunks. They are inexpensive and arrived from California in a matter of days. Once my white Toms come in, I'll be ready to go to town. Stay tuned...


Monday, April 27, 2009

Piano Shawl

"Piano Shawl" sounds a bit dowdy or kitschy, but I was determined to make this all-black version work. I found this about a year ago at a local thrift store that carries mainly home goods (any other Decatur Estates fans?), and was actually attracted to its kitschy potential and ability to look just tacky enough on a baby grand. I'm tooting my own horn here, but I think I wear it better than Steinway.

Tank from DressCodes, Skirt from AA, Sandals from trip to Florence (Cinti) 4 years ago (when gladiators were considered ugly).


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sun + Art + Beer = Atlanta/Decatur Festival Season!

This is my most favorite time of the year here in Atlanta. The weather gets warm, the azaleas blossom, there's only a hint of our infamous humidity in the air, and... the festival season ramps up!

Cath and I mainly gravitate towards the art festivals, but we love them all: film, jazz, food, beer, wine. And it all happens outside under the shady leaves of our distinct Atlanta neighborhoods: Decatur, Inman Park, Cabbage Town, Candler Park, Piedmont Park, (locals, feel free to chime in with anyone I've forgotten).

This past weekend was the Dogwood Festival. Cath went and ate funnel cake without me- oh curse her! But this weekend I will triump at the Inman Park Festival with fried dough, corndogs and beer... oh yeah, and all the awesome art that's on display. It's like a consumption-fest of the best kind: replete with people-watching, a famous parade, live music, and everyone will be there. Seriously you guys should come too!

If you need to catch a break from the heat, pop into Jac, one of our favorite local boutiques. They are having an awesome sale: 25% off nonsale items- oh and sweet things to eat and champagne! Here's a few of our favorite items: dresses by Dallin Chase, Built by Wendy, and shoes by Cynthia Vincent. Not a local? You can shop Jac online too!

Also, don't forget to stop by June Shin's booth. If $200 boutique dresses aren't in your budget, a Guns 'n' Roses ring (only $24!) just might be (you can also purchase June's jewelry at her etsy shop).

Of course, as true Decaturites we are saving a lot of our funnel-cake money for the Decatur Arts Festival (May 23-24). Oh, you'll be hearing/seeing a lot more about this soon!

Hope to see you guys sometime this spring/summer season! Let us know where you'll be!


p.s. Thank you to all you guys for giving me great, cheaper alternatives to The Shoes (see post below). Get ready for some D.I.Y. madness coming your way soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Need More Shoes (cough, cough)

Black leather, pyramid studs, chunky wedges- oh we've been here before. And I'm still in love. I'm thinking this studded leather trend has got to wear itself out soon, but that didn't stop me from drooling over these beautiful/fugly Sam Edelman wedges from UO. And how much for these super-trendy-dead-in-a-minute wedges? A "mere" $198. And yet I still did not bat a lash. You will be mine. Oh, what about that pesky shopping ban you've put yourself under? Bah. They are worth it! Okay, well, don't you have those awesome black Jeffery Campbells that you just forked over $148 for a few weeks ago. Yesssss, but...

photo courtesy of

Okay, yup. That'll do it. Perspective. I have 20+ pairs of shoes already, and I want to spend $200 for another pair?! $200 dollars would probably pay for at least 4 shoes via Toms Shoes (buy a pair, give a pair) and roughly 600 pairs of flip-flops (real rubber ones) for people who have about 20 fewer pairs of shoes than I. Does any body know how to get hundreds of flip-flops to kids who have to wear coke bottles on their feet?

Well, in the meantime. . . goodbye, Sam and helloooo Tom.


Monday, April 20, 2009


More "graffi-tee" was attempted last night- a good antidote to Sunday evening woes (whose brilliant idea was it to put Monday so close to Friday?). This design - lashes and lips- is probably sweeter than I would go for on a fitted tee, but I like the look on this $3 men's Hanes. Out of the office I'd pair it with something more casual than this red pencil skirt- ooo or wear it out with a black sequined mini and boots.

Apart from the fact that it looks a leeeettle like my chest has lashes (enviable lashes, I might add) and my belly-button Clara Bow lips, I declare it a DIY success!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted...

I took a quick shot of Cath last weekend in front of Vacation Gallery and Boutique. She looks rad, non?


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shoulder Pads

Blazer thrifted, tee and sunnies Urban Outfitters, leggings Rockit, boots DIY Tarjay

You've seen this blazer before. It is perfect for this crazy windy weather (since when did Atlanta turn into Chicago?). And I honestly think the return of the shoulder pad is a good thing. I'm wearing the real deal (80s/90s blazer) and not the chic and regal sci-fi pieces coming off the runway (Balmain anyone?), but I can see why the shoulder pad was part of the infamous power suit. Like stomping down the street in a mean pair of heels, I feel I can shoulder my way through a crowd with ease. Seriously, you guys should try it. What do you think? Yea or nay to the return?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working Girl

This outfit is definitely on the conservative side of office dressing for me, but I suppose it's not half bad to try to look like an actual adult every once and a while. My smile in the photo on the bottom right does a better job of capturing my happiness after another delicious meal at Taqueria del Sol.

Outfit details: Jacket (Lauren's) and dress (mine) from H&M, BCBG shoes purchased at Ross.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Parade

For In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade

We should still wear big ole Easter hats, don't you think? We're bringing those back for next year. In the meantime, Cath sported her straw trilby and rosette Urban Oufitters top with some tissue paper cherry blossoms made by our tres talented mother. I wore a maxi-dress from Vacation. I'm usually not into wearing florals, but if there's any time to do it, it's to eat copious quantities of Cadbury eggs- yum!

Oh! And don't forget about our awesome AsianCajun Reader Discount at Heliotrope! So we aren't too obnoxious about it, we'll quit reminding you in our posts. Just click the icon to the right of the page (under our header)- and shop/browse to your heart's content.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

AsianCajun Seal of Approval

We've been huge fans of Heliotrope ever since it opened in Decatur a couple of years ago. For those of you who've never been, imagine your favorite gift shop and then multiply that by ten or better yet, check out Heliotrope's online store. Pretty fantastic, right?

So when the good folks over at Heliotrope offered to set up an AsianCajun discount page (for a limited time only!), we said, "Hell yes!" Actually, it was more of an inarticulate jumble of "what?!?! omg. yes please! Thank you!" And here's what they came up with:


We picked out our favorite items and now they are available for you all at a discount! (It's very recessionista friendly.)

Click on each of our favorite items and you can see what we love about them:

The AsianCajun shopping agents page will be up for the next couple of weeks, so make sure you check it out and take advantage of the discounts. Heliotrope ships worldwide so all of our lovely readers can part-take. Woohoo!

A big thank you to Julia, Tommy and Marc for making this happen!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Tarjay Boots a la Isabel Marant

These chains on my $35 Target boots (from 3 years ago no less!) were a pre-work, early morning D.I.Y. It took me all of 30 seconds to grab some chains and safety pins and slap some faux Isabel Marant style on them (see the real deal below).

Isabel Marant boot- le swoon. The next stage of D.I.Y for my boots will be scouring Salvation Armys for faux Chanel purses, cutting off the straps, and wrapping them around my own boots.

I decided to wear my new white jeans with them. White jeans used to scare the bejebus out of me (aren't they magnets for red wine and other embarrassing stains that magically end up on your rear?), but I've always loved them, and decided to stop being such a weenie. If inanimate objects can possess confidence or sprezzatura, white jeans seem to have it.

ps- Thank you for all the sweet, sweet comments about our style awards mess! We loved all your comments-- and we'll continue our musings on Atlanta fashion.

pps- Stay tuned, readers for some excellent AsianCajun deals at this store (they ship international too!): Heliotrope.

Happy Saturday!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What the What?

Cath and I have always been slightly befuddled by the Atlanta fashion scene. Does it even exist? If so, who are some innovative Atlanta designers? Do we have a particular style (New York has the edge, Paris the feminine, Milan the amazing textiles, London the well-executed quirky)? Obviously we realize Atlanta is not in the same league as the aforementioned fashion capitols. But one reason we started this blog was to make Atlanta/Decatur less of a blank face. We don't have high fashion, but we have personality, style and creativity.

So last night we were excited to attend the 2009 Fashion and Style Honors. We had no idea who/what the Fashion and Style Honors were, but we were honored to be nominated in the Style Maven category, and excited to see the fashion show that split up the award ceremony.

So the night goes a little like this...

We start out in the "VIP" lounge (lots of media- i.e. anyone with a camera and flash, expensive bar, free tortellini and cheese cubes). Though Cath had to pay $9 for a glass of wine, the people watching was amazing (man in the fushia hat and 7-inch gold platforms, you are our hero!). See, I look excited!

People watching slows down a bit and we take outfit photos (I'm wearing a dress from Meringue - the straps are zippers!- and Cath is wearing a dress from Vacation- lovely, gorgeous vintage for $15).

Eventually we are ushered into the main event space. We stand around for about 45 minutes before we are told that nominees have to go wait back stage.

Back stage = chaos. But - again!- great people watching. There are about 50 of us crammed upstairs with no food or drink. Our host, Dwight Eubanks (fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta, anyone?) strips to his undies right next to me to get into his first outfit of the night. Michael Knight (Project Runway- woohoo) looks elegant in his white linen jacket and bow-tie, and hey! how did he get a bottle of water?! There's a presenter dressed as a queen (cape and tiara included) with two girls dressed up as maids that make up her entourage.

We wait back stage for roughly 3 hours. The show lumbers on- poorly organized and tedious. One highlight- our friend Tiffany wins for best Fashion Writer- yea, Tiffany! Woohoo!

We wait some more...

We get hungrier and thirstier (I contemplate eating someone's left-over cheese cube plate).

Hour 78, they announce the Style Maven award... and....

we lose to this guy:
photo credit

No, not Tim Gunn (swoon), the talented Michael Knight (also swoon- but hey you stole our award- harumph).

At the end of the very long night, Cath and I were grumpy, hungry, star-struck/mad at Michael Knight and felt incredibly guilty for persuading our friends to come out and watch us (Ali, Lena and Matt- you guys seriously made our night!!!).

In conclusion:
We love our adopted city, but we think Atlanta fashion is having some growing pains at the moment. Last night there was some nice urban wear and gorgeous gowns, but they looked hohum and run-of-the-mill. We know there is talent out there- and we strongly support all independent designers and boutiques trying to make it in a fickle market. We want to see artistry and innovation- not just clothes for a night out. Atlanta fashion designers, contact us! Show us your stuff! We know you are out there, and the AsianCajuns salute you.

And, dear readers, tell us what your conceptions of Atlanta fashion are- if you have any. We'd be curious to know!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Golden Touch

As things have been slightly stressful/busy in the AsianCajun household these past couple of weeks, I have resorted to retail therapy. My recessionista crown is tarnishing in the corner of my closet, and any DIY inventiveness that usually percolates to the surface of my mind every so often remains recessed in a jumble of stressed gray brain matter. Pretty, huh?

The upside to creativity and frugality forsaking me? Wonderful, wonderful shoes. I acquired these gold Jeffrey Campbells on sale at Sole last weekend (that's in the Edgewood shopping center, for you locals). Heavenly, heavenly shoes. They are quite comfortable (no marathon running, but speed walking is doable) and they boost me up about 5 inches.

So the shoes set me back a little, but the rest of my outfit is recycled from the past few years: hippie top from Urban, skirt from AA, leaf earrings are H&M, sunnies from Marks & Spencer and this drool-worthy purse is a hand-me-down from my gorgeous Aunt Mare. I believe she got it at a craft-fair. I love the leather fringe, and the rosette tip made with little leather bits. In the future I plan to wear it with cut-offs and white tees, but I can't wait for summer to wear this thing. Note: retail therapy does not cure impatience.

So, all in all- maybe not too bad. I can buff off my recessionista accoutrements and- oh wait, and then today I went to Meringue for some more therapy. Today's session involved an expensive dress and William Rast jeans. Whoever says therapy doesn't work, obviously hasn't tried on pants that fit like a glove.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

G20 Protest Style

There are many more qualified bloggers out there who can better explain the global economic importance of the G20 summit. And regardless of whether or not you think the protests in London were a bit on the superficial side, I imagine you'll still enjoy these photos from Spiked.

What the protesters lacked in substance they made up for in style. You'll notice in the next few photos that it's all about the accessories - scarves and hats especially. And there was no shying away from color!

Layers are essential for London protest activity and some type of khaki-colored, army jacket is preferred.

I love the photo below - somewhat reminiscent of My Fair Lady (minus the Consumers Suck banner). Newsboy caps are back!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Wild Thing, Happy Friday!

I'm sure most of you guys have seen the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, but doesn't it make you deliriously happy? I mean who doesn't swoon at cute kids, Arcade Fire, and Wild Things?

Happy Friday, Wild Things!

The AsianCajuns

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shoes and Stripes

Things are still pretty hectic over here at Chez AsianCajuns, but we managed to take a few outfit photos recently.

Those are my Patricia Field for Payless boots on the left and Lauren's Jeffrey Campbells on the right.

I paired my shoes with Bitten skinny jeans, a tank from H&M and a linen cropped trench from UO a couple of years ago. Lauren went a bit more punky with a leather cuff from Eviva, cropped jersey jacket from H&M, an AA tank and leggings from Rockit.

There are a couple of exciting things coming up. We'll post about it all soon!