Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parish Atlanta

Parish (as in Louisianian county, not an ecclesiastical district) has become one of the most popular places to eat in Atlanta this summer. It's a restaurant/market that serves New Orleans inspired dishes and pastries. Being part Cajun, Lauren and I felt it was our duty to check out the place, so we dragged some friends with us one Sunday morning for the restaurant's deliciously rich brunch. The best part was the complimentary beignets - just like our mom makes them (from the Cafe du Monde beignet mixture).

Lauren has a huge sweet tooth. After a very filling brunch in the restaurant she promptly visited the market on the ground floor and order some more coffee and pastries.

The whole establishment reminds me of what an Anthropologie store would look like if it turned into a cafe: crumbling, exposed-brick walls, chic furniture, lots of greenery, quirky gifts, and antique signs.

I love how someone kissed the bum of the statue located in the middle of restaurant. And no organic market would be complete without its own reusable tote.



kokostiletto said...

hahaha! i love the little figurines on the plate ! i love this place !I want to open once just like it!

E. said...

I looooooooove pastries. Yeah, serious sweet tooth here, too! :) Hmmm now I want cupcakes and croissants. said...

Living in the burb's we don't see many cool places like that - so jealous!

Songy said...
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Songy said...

very chic outing, girls. looks like you had fun. ♥

apart from eating some yummy stuff.. did you buy anything else to fill your lovely tote?

Anonymous said...

what fabulous pictures and this sounds like such a lovely way to spend a weekend.

we wear things said...

oooh what a fun place! and love your hat!!

btw i'm adding you to our blogroll :)


Elizabeth said...

That Anthropologie analogy is spot-on. What a great-looking place. I wonder how good a $2.50 brownie is?

Danz said...

Aw that place is so cute! The pastries look so tasty! I love all the charming details that give it so much personality. The lipstick print on the statue's bum is really funny!

Take care girls and have a great day tomorrow!

Sharon S said...

Wow you are lucky girls-I'd love to have this sort of place where I am-yummy!!

Unknown said...

Looks very good. I like your pictures very much, especially the tin soldiers on a plate. It suggested the famous toy soldier shop in the French Quarter--I wonder if it is still there?
Nice new look for the blog.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

It looks and sounds delicious. I like cajun food. Yum!

Laura Folio said...

Everyone simply must, must, MUST try the fried green tomato BLT from the market section of Parish. It was dreamy!

Anonymous said...

If they have cupcakes, I'm there :-)

this wheel's on fire said...

it looks like such a fun place!

emily said...

i LOVE the look of that restaurant!

Cammila said...

What a cool little place! That bunny shoe-scraper-thing is kind of adorable. And kind of terrifying.

Cute hat!

Fashion Tidbits said...

looks totally fab! wanna go

TINA said...

Mmm that made me hungry! I love the figurines on the plate.
Cute tote!

Shen-Shen said...

That looks so quaint!

And I love molesting statues in public!

June Shin said...

I love Parish. I'm there like 5 times a week!

AsianCajuns said...

kokostiletto, Lauren and I were so tempted to buy the little figurines.

Oh lady e, me too!

shopdownlite, we grew up in the burbs so we can totes sympathize.

Songy, nope, we just stuffed our bags full of yummy pastries!

Cupcakes and Cashmere, Parish is the perfect weekend place!

We wear things, thank you! We've added you our blog roll!

Enc, we didn't try the brownies, but they must be pretty damn good!

Thanks Danz, we hope you're having a great day!

Sharon Rose, just let us know if you are ever in ATL and we'll take you there!

Mary, thanks! A lot of reviews on Parish say they've done a very good job capturing the New Orleans feel.

The Clothes Horse, you're a girl after our own hearts. I could eat cajun food every day - especially if it's made by my mom.

Laura, thanks for the tip! I'm totes going to try that next time I'm there!

Terri, let's make a trip together!

Wheel's on fire, it's super fun!

Emily, I agree. Even if the food wasn't good (which isn't the case) the great decor would make up for it.

Cammila, adorable and terrifying is a perfect way to describe that weird bunny thing. Lauren and I were having a hard time figuring out if it really was a shoe scraper.

Fashion tibits, it's fab indeed!

Tina, thanks - the tote was only $10.

Shen-shen, I know! It's awesome!

June, if it was located in Decatur, I would probably be there all the time!

Mare said...

I want to go to Parish. Could you guys get some of the bags for me? I'll be in touch!

Secretista said...

So awesome!!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow!!love the cafe!parish!!is the place to visit if im in atlanta!

love to see you guys happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks so cute!!

AsianCajuns said...

Mare, we can definitely get you some bags and we'll take you to Parish when you come down to visit!

Secretista and Amie, you guys said it!

Aizat, you're so sweet! Let us know if you ever come to ATL!

Pamela Tan said...

loving the pictures! nice bums! haha

and oh, thanks for the greeting! :) xoxo

Ashleigh said...

coffee and pastries,....thats always a ood ending to a weekend...sounds like you had a good time =)

yiqin; said...

The hat is awesome! & the brownies look really good..mmhmm

Anonymous said...

Okay! I won't hold it against you that you were in DAWG country (big Gamecock here!) but love the post and your blog headline with your pix. It's Perfect!

The JCREW spangle bracelet is a must have accessory. I just went there and you can find some great things on sale.

missed ya guys! i've been outta commission for a couple weeks but I'm back!

Asi Mod said...

OMG, what a cute shop/cafe.