Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saturday Night at The Depot

We had a fantastic time at Saturday Night Sabotage hosted by Whynatte and Esperanza. Those guys know how to throw a party. The Black Dominoes were great and The Midnight Socialite captured it all here.

If we had planned better, Lauren and I would have taken some outfit shots beforehand to make this a genuine fashion post. Maybe next time!


Whynatte's Jesse and AsianCajuns' Catherine (me). Sorry ladies, he's already married to a lovely lady.



this wheel's on fire said...

damn jesse's fine! ;)
great picture!

..... said...

cute !!:) thanks for all your nice comments

AsianCajuns said...

Happy Thanksgiving This Wheel's and Mr. Style! Thanks for stopping by :).


Thanks. :) I was so excited when I found the boots! xx

OMG, I just LOL about the Jon Heder commercial, I haveeee to see it now! *goes to youtube*


Nur said...

too bad.lucky lady look great in th last pic ;)

david santos said...

Apa kabar ?
Aku suka postingan mu
Semoga hari mu menyenangkan
Terima Kasih

Anonymous said...

Call me flattered. Thank you girls for making an appearance at our party. You both looked lovely, which I guess is only to be expected now that you're both famous and have stylists and an entire team of people that wait hand and foot on your every whim and can't leave the house without hordes of people trying to take your photos. Must be nice being best of 2008!

Ahhhh, the live of an Asian Cajun. I'm just thrilled that I managed to get off a photo with the two of you.

Seriously though - great seeing you and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

cherie said...

oh! it seems that you're enjoying the night!

Songy said...

Dang,, I was hoping.. just hoping you know. Just don't tell my guy.

June Shin said...

Looks like it was a fun night!

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Yum! I'm not sure I have ever seen stubble rocked so effectively!