Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday Night Frivolities

So, how excited were we about The Wren's Nest first concert in their Concert Series? Extremely!
We spent Saturday evening reveling in the beautiful garden at the Nest, alight with candles and smelling of mouth-watering, scrum-delicious barbecue. And to the delight of our ears, The League of Decency played four hours of decent and indecent music (we're not really sure when it got indecent, but they did play "Mustang Sally"- rather scandalous). The League is an incredible group of musicians, and though we don't know for sho', we think the lead singer might be Cajun.
The music was perfect, the company terrific, and food yummy...basically a perfect Saturday evening. Though well aware we would be feting outside and smearing our faces with barbecue sauce, Cath and I figured that we'd dress to the nines just because. Hence the elegant number Cath decided on and the loud green flouncy thing I have on.

Cath looking effortlessly chic in:
dress:: Banana Republic outlet
necklace:: (Canadian purchase)
shoes:: Payless
sunglasses:: Tarjay

I looooove this dress. I know it is an outrageous shade of green (with little black polka-dots- the horrors), but it is cut perfectly. And the best part? You are guaranteed to have a good time wearing something this flouncy. See below for proof (and that's without alcohol, friends):

Dress:: HM ($20!)
shoes (when on):: Tarjay (quite comfy for heels- important for dancing)



Anonymous said...

beautiful green dress! is that a recent H&M purchase?

Vintage Bunny said...

Oh my!You ladies look very glam!
Love your dresses.
Have you been to 5 guys burgers and fries?Our family is divided on how much they hate it or love it!
I loved it!But I' ll eat anything

Anonymous said...

You two are adorable! Hey everyone, guess what? Lauren (the asian cajun in the green dress) designed the awesome League of Decency postcard featured in this post. Thanks for coming to the party girls!

Anonymous said...

i love your dresses!
so adorable!!

AsianCajuns said...

thanks you guys. you are too sweet!
Unfortunately I bought that dress at H&M last January, but it is the second flouncy flock I've bought there for a mere $20-30, so they are bound to have more in stock for the holidays.
Vintage bunny, we have yet to go to 5 guys burgers and fries. we'd love to give our verdict- we'll let you know when we go!
Thanks, Mama Shakes! We had sooo much fun- you guys were all incredible!
Thanks, Key!