Sunday, October 14, 2007

Small Town Fun

Cath and I had the great disappointment of growing up in a very large, very run-of-the-mill, fairly pretentious suburb of D.C. Though it will always be home-sweet-home to us, I always kind of wished I lived in one of those fairy-tale small towns that everyone inhabits on shows like Gilmore Girls (quirky neighbors, lots of trees, diners where everyone knows you, festivals every day of the year). Lucky for us we have relocated to just such a place: Decatur, and more specifically this weekend, Oakhurst. Saturday's Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival consisted of browsing the artist market stall's (see Cath's headband from GubStuff), watching the parade (Big City Burlesque and Decatur High School's marching band is the perfect mix for any self-respecting parade), staring up at "fall" foliage (there were 3 red leaves- I swear!), and stuffing our faces at the U Joint (home to some verrry tasty burgers).

Cath in...
Jacket:: H&M
Sweater:: Target
Sex Pistols tee:: Target
Belt:: Target
checked scarf:: Urban Outfitters
sunglasses:: Urban Outfitters

Lauren in...
sunglasses:: Tarjay
vest:: Delias
shirt:: Victoria's Secret
jeans:: Targay



Anonymous said...

Love your pics! Certainly better than my poor showing on Decatur Metro...except where is your pic of the guy with the St. Bernard?? I'm not sure what he was selling, but his dog was getting all the attention.

WendyB said...

Cute pix!

AsianCajuns said...

Nick, I know exactly who you're talking about. That guy is one of the founders of the Decatur Market (the one that takes place every weekend at the corner of Commerce and Church). I think his dog got more attention than his booth - poor guy.

Thanks WendyB!

Anonymous said...

you both remined me Kate Moss in the glastonbury festival... dunno why! perhaps the combination music-fashion :)

look great... love the glasees and the scarf

Anonymous said...

Awww. I often joke that Decatur is a bit like Stars Hollow. We do have a gazebo after all. (One of my favorite episodes is the one where Lane is grounded but she absolutely positively needs to have the latest Belle & Sebastian EP, so she recruits Rory to help her out with an elaborate plan that involves Michel running around the gazebo. Rory distracts Mrs. Kim while she and Lane are walking to church or home or whatever, and Michel jogs by and drops the CD into Lane's bag. Hilarious.)

AsianCajuns said...

Key, what a compliment! We aspire to Kate Moss-ness... well, in fashion of course... we'll leave the cocaine and Pete Doherty all to herself (esp. the latter...eesh).
Lillian, I know exactly the episode you are talking about (I own many many GG DVDS... Cath will be mortified that I admitted this on our blog)... too hilarious!

L.I.N said...

I like that biker jacket and that vest!

And did I mention that every single element made both your outfits fantastic? Them wavy hair, the shades, the coffee in hand...
Well done.