Friday, November 23, 2007

A Trip to Oakland

With our parents in town for Thanksgiving we decided to show them the not-so-touristy sites of Atlanta. To a non-Atlantan, taking visitors to Oakland Cemetery might seem a bit morbid, but really it's an amazingly beautiful - and airy - place.

Oakland Quick Facts:
  • 88 acres, located southeast of downtown Atlanta.
  • Burial place of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, golfer Bobby Jones, Joseph Jacobs, creator of Coca-Cola and Maynard Jackson, first African-American mayor of Atlanta.
  • The cemetery was expanded to its present size in 1872 to provide more burial space for Confederate soldiers.
On Lauren (left): H&M jacket, Cheap Monday jeans, Target boots. On me: H&M jacket, American Apparel poplin tunic and leggings, Payless boots.
The cemetery is packed with ornate mausoleums:

The Lion of Atlanta guards the nearly 3000 Confederate dead:

More photos from our non-touristy adventures to come.


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Vintage Bunny said...

Thats a great place to go!!!
Is' nt the Collonade next door ?
You guys look very stylish.
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