Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Things*

Really the title of this post should be something like "Things that make us happy when our weekend has been crappy." But that seems too wordy and I don't like rhymes.

The short of it is my car broke down at an incredibly inopportune moment Saturday evening resulting in a number of mishaps (held up a wedding, got caught in the pouring rain waiting for AAA and missed June Shin's party at Drew Lewis). So we AsianCajuns had a not-too-pleasant weekend. To cheer Lauren and me up, I decided to blog about a few things we've been enjoying recently:

The Celebrity Perfumery: The Handy Craft Guide to Smelling Like the Stars
For anyone who's ever wanted to capture the essence of Robert Downey Jr.'s recent Iron Man success or the magical aura of J.K. Rowling, this is the blog for you! One of my favorite entries/perfumes is the Juno/Ellen Page inspired Who Cares: de parfum (see image below). Ingredients include dusty record stores, Cheez Whiz, Pop Rocks and stale linens.


Favorite books that inspire a favorite movie

Lauren and I were never big fans of The Catcher in the Rye, but we love Salinger's novels about the Glass family - especially Franny and Zooey. So even without the fantastic sets and soundtrack, The Royal Tenenbaums would still be one of our all time favorite movies (I know I just made film buffs everywhere cringe).
New Shoes
Kind of self-explanatory, but here are the basics: Biviel black sandals found on the sales rack at Eviva in downtown Decatur.

It's Always Sunny on
We might not have a TV, but Lauren and I make up for it by watching and re-watching all 32 episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia online. It's not quite as sophisticated as Arrested Development, but it's equally as brilliant and hilarious.

Sujean Rim Illustrations
We've been big fans of Daily Candy for years, but never stopped to think about the person behind all of its clever illustrations until recently.

The House of Eliott
A BBC TV series that we became hooked on when it aired on PBS in the early 1990s. Lauren just discovered that our local library has most of the show on DVD and we've spent the past few weekends drooling over the 1920s costumes.

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*Not necessarily Martha approved.



Nate said...

Ack! Whatever do you mean, film buffs everywhere cringing? Royal Tenenbaums is a mastttttttterpiece!

That is all.


Unknown said...

New things to love at Heliotrope! Come check out all the new bento and onigiri boxes we have by Shinzi Katoh. Basically Japanese lunch boxes. Sooo cute! I want them all!


simimoon said...

its always sunny in philidelpia is pure genius. so is sujean rim.

hope you all have a better week!

Unknown said...

I'm always so relieved when I find out other people read books. And that celebrity perfume blog is hilarious!

I ended up missing the DrewLewis shindig too for equally bad weekend reasons. Here's to a better week!

Anonymous said...

Your last outfits are amazing!
So chic so natural!

ps: can you tell me what did you do to make your photos larger!?
they look so big now...

kisses :D

Sharon S said...

Hi girls-so sorry to hear you missed June's party :-( A great post and these new shoes are lovely!!

L.I.N said...

i am gawking over the new shoes.

Elizabeth said...

You girls have had a rough few days!

I'm glad to see that you're finding things you like anyway.

Cute shoes!

Stephanie said...

Sorry about your car. That happened to my hubby and I a few weeks ago and it was not fun.

I have Franny and Zooey on my summer reading list, I guess I should hop to it. :)

AsianCajuns said...

Nate, I totes agree, but I always get made fun of for liking all Wes Anderson films by my film friends. I guess it's cliche?

Julia, I can't wait to check them all out!

Taghrid, I'm so glad you're an It's Always Sunny fan!

Jinah, I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad weekend too. I hope the post cheered you up a bit.

Key, we use photo bucket, but you can use any photo hosting site. You have more control that way.

Thanks for the kind words, Sharon!

Eleh and Enc, I'm glad you like the shoes!

Stephanie, let me know what you think of Franny and Zooey!

Anonymous said...

A Juno-inspired scent would smell like soup to me, for the reason that it was mentioned in the movie. And we love Arrested Development. I can't wait to watch Always Sunny. And very nice shoe.s

Clare said...

I LOVE that you didn't love Catcher in the Rye...we are def related!

Katie said...

i love 'its always sunny in philadelphia'! charlie: "i'm gonna go america all over their asses!"

Anonymous said...

Yay Anglophies!! From one to another, cheers dears! :P

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Glass family. It took me a moment to realize the Tenenbaums reflected those books the very first time I saw it.

I'll have to see if our library has House of Elliott. I loved that show when I was a kid & never managed to see the whole series.

kokostiletto said...

those shoes are fantastic!
i need to get a pair of gladiator heels too!

christina said...

I'm in love with this post! The Royal Tenenbaums, Always Sunny in Philly, and even a quick shout out to Arrested Development!