Sunday, September 28, 2008

Politically Charged

Attending a house party for some debate watching Friday evening seems to have set the theme for this weekend. On Saturday we stopped by Wertz Contemporary in the Castleberry Hill district for the temporary Go Tell Mama! exhibit.

Go Tell Mama! is artist CRO's unique approach to campaigning for Obama. The traveling exhibit (Atlanta is CRO's last stop before returning to Chicago) features artwork inspired by the candidate. Check out Go Tell Mama! website for artwork, posters, shirts and a free download.

Pictured below l to r: Obama artists OBEY and CRO.

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This morning I watched the latest Tina Fey/Sarah Palin SNL skit on Stephanie's blog. It's hilarious and scarily accurate.

I also had the chance to look through the October Vogue. Page 172 features a number of items from Runway to Change. Big name fashion designers like Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Alexander Wang have created t-shirts and accessories available on Obama's campaign website in exchange for contributions.

Personally, I'm not crazy about the designs. I think I might go for the old school look and just wear a button.

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1. A look from the Nicole Farhi runway.
2. Alexander Wang tank.
3. Albertus Swanepoel hat.
4. Rachel Roy Be the Change scarf.
5. Derek Lam tote bag.



this wheel's on fire said...

Yay for debate watching!! and that snl skit WAS scarily accurate...really really scary.

Stephanie said...

I kind of like the hat. But, I think that a button is probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to go. That exhibit looks so interesting.

Also, that Stephanie is like a blogging genius or something. Hmm.... :P

Elizabeth said...

The graphics for the Obama campaign are really inspired and cool. I like the bag a lot.

TINA said...
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TINA said...

That skit WAS scarily acurate...

I'm not a big fan of the look either, but I do, however, like the scarf.

Tina {Your Everyday Style}

Unknown said...

yes we can! i've been hesitant about writing politcal things on the fashion blog but i'm glad you did and you even added some fashion stuff with it! though i'm thinking of posting a reminder for ppl to register to vote by oct 6 :)

sarah palin is just ridiculous...

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I love the Wang top!!

saray said...

I love the wang tank

Songy said...

Very stylish for election campaign paraphernalia. Derek Lam's bag is delicious.

Is this new? Fashion really going all out to support a candidate like this? Or has it been around for every election? Or is it something to do with all creative mobs going to support Obama ?

LizBlair said...

Glad to see young ladies like yourselves interested in the campaign. I'm planning to vote for Obama, and it looks like he has some very cool, artsy supporters!

Mare said...

I like the t-shirt; but yep, I think I'll go with an Obama button, and pretty-up the car (a.k.a. the Mirth-mobile) with a magnet.

moded'amour said...

love the boots on the first picture, lovely blog!

TheSundayBest said...

America terrifies me.

Sophia Hardy said...

Everybody is wanting their slice of political pie. And that skit is absolutely hilarious!

AsianCajuns said...

This Wheel's on Fire, what did you think of the debates. I thought Obama did quite well, but I am a bit biased!

Stephanie, you're totally right about that Stephanie/blogging genius ;) !

Enc, I agree. I like how it's very different from typical political looks.

Tina, I actually like the scarf too, but it's so expensive. Does Obama need that much money?! I hope not, because I can't help out!

Issa, I've been trying to stay away from politics for a while, but I wanted to include a post about the fashion and exhibition. However, I won't be posting personal essays about my political views. This blog is suppose to be more frivolous than that :).

Sharon Rose and Saray, me too! Although I think I'd like it better without "change" written on it. Which defeats the whole purpose, I suppose...

Songy, fashion and politics is not a completely new concept, but it's really caught on this election year. I think it's due to the cool factor of Obama. Which also explains why there aren't any pop art versions of McCain's face out there.

Liz Blair, we're formerly Hillary supporters, but are now firmly behind Obama. Someone has to stop Palin - and McCain for choosing Palin!

Mare, I love those political bumber sticker magnets. I had to slowly scrape off my Kerry '04 sticker after the disappointing outcome of that election.

Thanks Fashion Junk!

The Sunday Best, America terrifies me too! I'll be beyond horrified if McCain/Palin wins.

Sophia, I couldn't stop laughing - and crying - at the hilarious and dead-on accurate SNL skit!

theleila said...

is the exhibit still on in atlanta or has it moved on? couldn't see anything on the gallery/artist website - will be so bummed if i missed it!

Anonymous said...

you guys are too cute!