Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Highlight

Going through the photos from this weekend made me realize that Lauren and I have had a pretty fantastic couple of days. There were the fun political activities (see previous post), then we enjoyed the great music, great company and great margaritas at The Wren's Nest concert (see this post), and on Friday we got to meet Daniel and Eric, two of the guys behind the Esperanza clothing line at Kaleidoscope Boutique.

We've been fans of Esperanza for some time (evidence here, here and here). And after meeting its creators (they're some of the nicest guys in Atlanta), we're even bigger fans. Needless to say, we added two more shirts to our personal Esperanza collection:

Images courtesy of

And since we haven't done an outfit post in a while, here's a breakdown of what we wore on Friday:

On Lauren: tank and bandeau top from American Apparel, shorts are an old pair of jeans from somewhere and Zara boots.
On me: sunglasses from Urban, scarf from H&M and tee from Madewell.

I'm sure our new Esperanza shirts will be showing up in future outfit posts, so stay tuned!



toogood said...

haha i love the save boobs tee :D

Ashley said...

You both look so great! I love that scarf, Cath! I would love for you to have a day in Athens with me!

Johanna said...


Check out my little online vintage shoe shop!!

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Lauren, do you sleep in those Zara boots? I'm just askin.

Thanks to both of you for all of your help at our little concert on Saturday!

And finally, I too love Esperanza. I have four of their shirts. One time when they were super-late with my order, they sent me an extra shirt just so we could make up and be nice.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...


u guys are so fierce!love the scarf!topshop?

Anonymous said...

lucky you! with that lovely mix of exciting activities, while still throwing in fashion. gorgeous scarf, by the way.

Unknown said...

i adore ya'lls outfits!! and i'm glad you guys had a such a fantastic time!

Lisa said...

Neat! I'll have to check out Esperanza's website sometime. Thanks for the tip. :)

AsianCajuns said...

Camilla, that's my tee- I thought it was cute too!

Ash, we will definitely plan for an Athens trip in the near future.

Garde-Robe, love your site.

Lain, if suede didn't get ruined in water i'd wear them in the shower! As happy as baby jesus in suede booties.

goddess, aww shucks! thanks! Cath's scarf is from h&M- we couldn't resist the color.

p- why thank you!

issa, thanks! we did have a lovely time ;)

AsianCajuns said...

You'll love the tees they have on their site, Lisa!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-you girls are just the cutest!! I do love the new tops to the collection!

yiqin; said...

The scarf is amazing! I love the print & the fringe at the bottom! The color is fab.

Allie said...

i just wanted to profess my admiration for your blog :) giving my fellow Asians love.

Songy said...

everyone loves that scarf eh? Me too!

magstermash said...

Yup, feeling the love for that scarf here too.

I'm also curious about the necklace Lauren was wearing in the top photo with the Esperanza dudes. All I see is a hint of turquoise but it looks great even in the low lighting so I hope you guys remember where you found it.

kokostiletto said...

those are some awesome shirts - i want to get a statement tee too. and the fringe booties look great with the shorts.