Monday, January 28, 2008

Slow and Steady

Clothing label Slow and Steady Wins the Race takes an avant-garde approach with their designs. Only one hundred copies are made of each item. The company's first collection of bags imitates some of the most popular handbags of our time. Instead of creating exact copies, Slow and Steady's bags are simplified and stripped down to the basics.

Dior's Saddle Bag:
The Balenciaga Motocycle Bag:

Chanel's quilted purse:

The Birkin Bag:

Gucci's bamboo-handled handbag:

The second collection of Slow and Steady bags takes it one step further by mixing the styles of the purses above. Below are just a few examples.

Overall, I like Slow and Steady's products. I think they're trying to show a lighter side of fashion. A new collection comes out bimonthly. Check out their website for the latest t-shirt, bag and footwear designs.



Wendy said...

I like what they're doing because of the idea of simplicity. And the way it helps our environment is really clever.

kokostiletto said...

what an interesting idea!

Alya said...

The idea is unique, but I wouldn't wear it. It would look better in a gallery to send a message.

Secretista said...

bags galour!

AsianCajuns said...

Wendy and Bitterbabe, I agree. I hope more companies follow their example.

Pomegranate, if I owned one, I would just be worried that the handbag would start looking really grungy after a few days.

You said it, Secretista!

Anonymous said...

wow! i have a Dior´s saddle bag and i didn´t know it!! so cute...

Michelle said...

Hermes meet Chanel = strangely desirable!

AsianCajuns said...

Key, do you mean you have a real Dior? If so I'm jealous. If not, I'm still jealous!

Miss Woo, I know. You'd never think that combo would work, but it does.