Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tag: Name 6 Things in Your Handbag

Lynn of Heart and Soul tagged us with "Name 6 Things in Your Handbag." Being identical twins we're very similar in many ways, but I think our purse contents highlight our differences. I tend to be more practical, while Lauren is more artistically inclined. See for yourself:

C's bag:

1. Giant black sunglasses and fake alligator sunglass case. Both from Target.
2. Orbitz gum - the mint mojito tastes like the real thing. So delicious...
3. Faux cigarette case where I keep my business cards, from Urban Outfitters.
4. I've been using this old Geoffrey Beene wallet for years. I prefer using men's wallets because they tend to take up less room. Sadly, my wallet always seems to be filled with more receipts than cash.
5. My Palm Treo - I'd be completely lost without it.
6. Duck and Herring Pocket Field Guide, Cold Weather 2007-2008. I always like having a book on hand. The PFC is the perfect size for a small to medium-size purse and offers hours of entertainment.

L's bag:

Cath also didn't mention that she is much more neat than I am! Luckily this voluminous, faux snake-skin sack that is my purse is hiding old receipts, gum wrappers, coins, etc.
1. A book: number one rule for me when choosing a purse is it must be large enough to hold at least a paperback. I love petite clutches and delicately beaded evening bags, but they are a no go unfortunately. My current purse book is "Good Bye to All That" by Robert Graves... a freebie from a lovely warehouse/used bookstore in Stone Mountain, GA.
2. Mini Notebook: this lovely Moleskin notebook has beautiful sketch-book quality paper... perfect for doodling of any kind... this shows a few fashion/outfit ideas.
3. Mini Calendar: I love the magenta color because it usually pops out from the recesses of the black hole. Cath can streamline with her Treo...I need paper and post-its. When Cath gave me her hand-me-down Palm Pilot I never learned how to do more than turn it on... and then I stuck post-its all over it. Lesson learned.
4. The Wallet: usually brimming with receipts rather than cash unfortunately
5. Cell: my slide Sony Ericsson phone. Way too sleek for moi, but tin-cans with string don't do the trick any more
6. Accoutrements: lip gloss, hand lotion, mirror/brush, mirror (now seem vain... who needs 2?), gum, mascara, etc.

Into the Fray and Come Thrifting With Me, tag, you're it!


Vintage Bunny said...

Gosh,I am so messy compared to you guys!
I havent yet sent you an email because I forgot my sign in info which I do all the time !!!

AsianCajuns said...

Don't worry! I would forget all my sign-in stuff except I have it all on my Treo ;).

Anonymous said...
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Alya said...

I love this tag! It brings out the "nosey girl" in me.. Tee hee.

Lynn said...

OMG I completely love the cigarette case and the long wallet. Nice one guys!

Dressed and Pressed said...

Ladies! I've found you and I'm lovin the blog. We must exchange links. You know where to find me, I hope?

AsianCajuns said...

Pomegranate, me too! I don't know why, but it's fun to see what other girls carry around with them.

Thanks Lynn! and thanks for the tag ;).

DressedandPressed, you got it!