Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The (Ashley Watson) Bag

I've mentioned it before (see post on evolve boutique), my big purchase of the summer (apart from the beloved Ibanez)....The Ashley Watson bag. It's chic, buttery soft, practical and fits so perfectly under my arm. I hope you don't mind me waxing poetic for a moment, but this is my first fashion splurge of my 20s. The Watson bags are really reasonably priced in the fashion world, but that is a world we glance at in Vogue and replicate through thrift finds and H&M.

When splurging on a purse, one might think classic, structure, demure, goes-with-everything... names like Hermes, Prada, Gucci float about. Again, apart from being grossly expensive, I didn't think one of those beautifully crafted bags would fit my lifestyle at the moment. I needed something I could wear to work and out-and-about, and something that would hold a good-sized book (I'm never without), my large wallet (full of receipts, not money--- understandably), camera, prettifying acoutrements, etc. And it couldn't be too huge. I think the oversized-bag trend does have it's place, but not on my 5ft3 (on-a-good-day) frame. This bag fits the bill in every way. Oh... and as all interesting things do, this bag has a past. It once was someone's black leather jacket that's been repurposed. The pockets now adorn the front of my Bag. See, what did I tell ya? Perfect in every way.



Emma said...

Fabulous blog. Exchange links?

AsianCajuns said...

Definitely! We love your blog too- especially the name ;)
We'll be in touch once we get this festival weekend over...

Frasier said...

Its beautiful!
It looks good on you too

Anonymous said...

Great commentary! Great bag!
Found a good selection at and