Monday, August 6, 2007

The Wizard of Oz as Fashion Inspiration

We've been huge Wizard of Oz fans practically our entire lives (might explain our love of shoes). We sat down and watched the entire classic MGM version for the first time when we were 18-months old. Apparently, we didn't cry once, nor did we show any visible signs of fear towards the Winged Monkeys or The Wicked Witch of the West - it all made sense to us (this coming from the girls that got spooked from a Brady Bunch episode). I've never really connected my red Mossimo Target pumps with Dorothy- they are more Jessica Simpson that Judy Garland, but when my coworker mentioned they looked like the ruby slippers, I couldn't have been more pleased (considerably more pleased than looking like a rather vacuous entertainer). In this pic, Toto's stand-in is our Agnes Scott scottie- hence the purple beret and scarf.
As it so happens, I received this shirt as a gift yesterday (thanks, SA!): my new favorite tee.


LalaLiu said...

aww, the pic is too cute and those red pumps look fierce! (as tyra banks would say..haha) Ahh, the childhood days of wizards and yellow brick roads. Boo for growing up :P

Frasier said...

I love the red ones.I have a pair and feel really sexy and tall when I wear them.
One of the first plays I saw at the Fox was the Wizard of OZ.It was 2 days after I came here and was so jetlagged that I pretended that I was snuggling upto my new husband and slept thro most of it!!!

AsianCajuns said...

That's why these (rather ubiquitous) shoes are so fabulous: the added height is so very faltering and the 'dress-up' potential without actually having to put on the gingham dress and toting a Toto around in a basket. We like to think of it as a subtle rebellion against the cynicism of adulthood ;)