Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Simply Vera ads

A sneak peak at Vera Wang's clothing line for Kohl's. The ads have that fantasy/fashion theme that has been so popular in the past two years with British Vogue and American Vogue.

It'll be interesting see how the quality of Simply Vera differs from that of the Go International Target lines. I'm a little skeptical about the cut and fit of each piece, but I like how the clothing has Vera Wang's signature feminine touches. I guess I'll just have to wait until the line available at stores on September 9th. The countdown begins!




Jacquelyn said...

With your past history of Kohl's, Ms. Wang's collection for them must be a serious inducement for you to cross their threshold. But I do like her collection.

From "One Who Knows".

Frasier said...

Now I am dying to know what happened with Kohls !!
But knowing the stuff that Kohls normally carries, its hard to see what I call"eclectic"pieces from veras collection there.They just dont go together

AsianCajuns said...

Lauren and I worked a Kohl's for one very loooonng summer. It was torture! The close were hideous, the management was indifferent and the customers would scream at you if items weren't discounted. Needless to say, since that summer I've never stepped foot in a Kohl's. Simply Vera might change all that - or maybe they'll have it online!