Friday, April 11, 2008

Bless Your Little Heart

Lauren and I attended the Pecan Pie Couture "Revival" charity fashion show last Sunday. Having missed the previous - and much talked about - Pecan Pie Couture shows, we were determined to make it this season. Clint Zeagler (PPC's founder and designer) seems to know everyone worth knowing in Atlanta and then gets them to put on an evening of entertainment that centers around his fashion line.
Mr. Zeaglor pictured above in front of the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus at the beginning of the show.

The theme of Sunday night's show was "Bless Your Little Heart," which in the South is the equivalent of saying "Screw you - with sugar on top." The models danced around on stage wearing Pecan Pie's popular all-natural dyed, screen-printed, southern-themed shirts and flouncy skirts. The Thin White Clouds, Dames Aflame, and Francine Reed (a Decatur/Atlanta favorite and pictured singing in the last image below) were just some of the evening's great entertainment.
Seeing as we AsianCajuns aren't top notch photographers, I recommend checking out Brent Walker's photos of the event on his website.



Anonymous said...

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Romany said...

Oh that sounds super cute! What exactly is the event? Pecan Pie.. sorry I'm so confused. Lol.

AsianCajuns said...

Kailani Iwamura, consider it done! You'll be our first friend on!

Romany, ultimately it was a great fashion show. Pecan Pie Couture is a local Atlanta brand. Check out the website!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i like all the flounciness...don't really get the pecan pie business. :P

Anonymous said...

Seems like a cool event

Secretista said...

What a great name for a brand!