Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Spring Wish List

Below are just a couple of things I wouldn't mind having for the spring. If the text is too small, click on the image to expand.

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Secretista said...

MMM... I could use more sundresses. Do you think it's possible to go the whole Spring/Summer wearing solely sundresses?

ediot said...

ohh. i really like the plaid tunic. so pretty.

Lynn said...

Good choice in shoes, those Keds are unique and stylish!

Robin said...

Your spring wish list is almost the same as my spring wish list!

Stephanie said...

Love the green pouch.

Anonymous said...

Love the plaid tunic. Also, have you smelt the Chanel fragrance yet? I've been looking for it but haven't come across it yet. If it's anything like Coco Mademoiselle I'll have to buy it...!

faithsalutes said...

I bought the male version of that Nixon watch in dark wood for my husband a few years ago. He gets compliments on it everyday. I also have a gold one, dont go gold with comes off as black film on your wrist. xoxox

Romany said...

Ah cute post! My favourite part is:
"These fugly shoes would add some character to a spring weekend outfit" - haha, LOL! That was funny.
Hmm, I love the Chance bottle, but I've never actually had the chance to smell the fragrance it good?

alana said...

grrr jealous of ur springtime... its autumn here, so inventive dressing is kind of limited... it's layers layers layers right now

Jill said...

I'm looking for more sundresses myself and I need some spring/summer shoes to wear too.

AsianCajuns said...

Secretista, go for it. I would love to wear sundresses all spring and summer.

Ediot, I love how the tunic is pretty and rustic.

Lynn, yay! someone agrees with me. I didn't think anyone else would like those.

Fashion-filled, great minds think alike!

Stephanie, I can't believe it's from Target!

Amy, I've only smelled it in magazines, but not in person. It's definitely very Chanel-ish, but lighter than Coco Mademoiselle.

FaithSalutes, thanks for the warning! I'm saving up for the wood watch - or at least trying to.

Romany, I like the way it smells in magazines, but I'll have to test it on my skin before I buy it.

Alana, I actually love dressing in layers, but I'm not envious of your on-coming winter!

Jill, let me know if you stumble upon any great finds!

Stephanie said...

I went to Target today and got that purse in Blue (they didn't have the green). Even more adorable in person!

Anonymous said...

I've took a peek into the Gryson for Target collection, but honestly I think they feel and look a bit cheap, so I don't consider them worth to shell out the money they want for it.