Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two More Internet Resources

Not like we need anymore reasons to shop, but I had to share these two websites I found.

1. Brooklyn Industries is a small chain-let in NYC. They have great clothing and accessories for men and women. Most of the clothing comes in muted colors and modern shapes, which I love. Make sure to check out the sale section - you can find some really good deals.

2. Lulu's has super feminine clothing (no men's clothing) that is very similar to what you'd find at Urban Outfitters. In fact, I recognized some of the accessories from UO, but on Lulu's they're much cheaper. I'll definitely be checking this site often.

Edit (12:14 am) by LL: I actually "discovered" Lulu through this newly discovered blog:
Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion (thanks FA2F!). Check it out, folks!



Stephanie said...

Is that little blue number a one-piece? If so, I love it!

Danz said...

Hey thanks so much for the mention! You girls are great!

tam pham said...

oh no!!! what are you doing to me and my bank account?!?! now, i've got to add these two amazing sites to my shopping lists!!! :-)

The Fancier said...

I have to check out Lulu's since it's the same name as my dog!

geri hirsch said...

ohh thank you, totally checking these out!

L.I.N said...

that bag is something i want.
and the blazer you have on below is love.

Romany said...

Love all of these! That top yellow dress from Brooklyn Industries is so cute. I must have it. ;)
I should check out this Lulu's. I'm always a fan of super femininity!

Wendy said...

LuLus has some gorgeous pieces, thanks for the link.

AsianCajuns said...

Stephanie, yep, it's a romper!

Right back at ya, Danz!

Tam Pham, I know, I know, my wallet is looking pretty empty these days.

August, yay for Lulus!

Hi eleh! Good to hear from you.

Romany, i can't wait to see what you choose!

You welcome Wendy!

Anonymous said...

yay for new online shops :) thank you!

June Shin said...

These sites are great! Thanks for showing us new sites to shop on.

Natasha said...

You have been tagged, I completed three tags in one post but you don't have to do all of them if you don't want! :)

Anonymous said...

hi how are you doing?! I love the site by the way.. also, i went to lulus couple of times ago. I love how they have the vintage type of accessories... these are so hard to find. I am glad that you mentioned it! its a really great help..

* I saved you on my page (link ex?)


Secretista said...

Now I'll be spending more money!