Monday, April 21, 2008

British Invasion

Textile/fashion designer Celia Birtwell has finally crossed the pond thanks to a collaboration with Express. I rarely shop at Express. The clothes always seem expensive and outdated, but I'd be willing to take a trip to the mall to check out Birtwell's items. They're not inexpensive either ($79 for a shirt and $128 for the dresses), but I think it's worth a look and a nice change from Express' unimaginative pieces.

This shirt is one of my favorites from the collection. I'm not sure if I can pull it off - it might be too much for my short frame. Of course it never hurts to try...

I wish the Express collection had a few more pieces like the ones she created for TopShop - especially this dress below. If you get a chance, check out the Topshop Celia Birtwell site. The clothes are no longer available, but it's a fun site and shows off more of Birthwell's style.

Still haven't had enough of Cecil Birtwell style? Check out her website. I love all of the fabrics and wallpaper. Her designs are like a mix between Anthropologie, a Wes Anderson set and Bloomsbury.


June Shin said...

Oooh, I might have to go check out Express. Those blouses look great. Shall we meet up at Atlantic Station sometime? :)

Oh, and I can't make it to FORM.02 since I'll be away. Take lots of pics if you can.

J.M. Powell said...

she is fantastic...i was pretty shocked to get the email from express with those gorgeous boho dresses. i'm trying to contain myself though, if i don't i'll have a wardrobe of only floral dresses

AsianCajuns said...

June, too bad you can't make it to FORM.02, but a meet up at the Atlantic Station Express sounds great!

Juliam, I'm going to try to contain myself, but I'm soooo tempted!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-its nice to meet some Celia fans! Please check out my blog-I love all things Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark and I have photos on of all Celias previous collections at Topshop!