Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the Year Outfits

With our penultimate post of the year, we wanted to thank all of you for reading! It's been a heck of a year for the AsianCajuns- what with meeting all of you lovely blog readers and writers from all over the world and our neck of the woods! We hope that you've enjoyed reading as much as we have posting and being inspired by your blogs in turn.

Below: one of my all time favorite photos of Cath (taken this weekend... once we were on the mend).

Scarf: Cut-it-Out, Jacket: H&M, Tee and Skirt: AA, Boots: Thrifted

Lar dressed for the balmy Georgia winter. 50ºF is cold, right?

Everything H&M, except for the hat which is old Ann Taylor.

New booties for battling the elements ("elements" being a light rain in Georgia).



May Kasahara said...

love the jackets on the both of you!

saray said...

both outfits are stuning

Miyu said...

Loving Lar's boots!

Unknown said...

ooh i'm loving both outfits.. tights with boots is always a winning combination.. and those boots from h&m.. so cool

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I'm not sure that "get" your skirt. Am I not the fashion visionary I assumed I was?

I don't want to be harsh, I just want to understand, if you know what I'm saying. Otherwise -- beautiful, obvi.

Where were the pictures taken?

Anonymous said...

I love those booties!

ryder said...

love the little black knit cap!

Anonymous said...

I'm a shoes guy and I do think those shoes are pretty damn cool. Where is Thrifted at? Curious. I think my wife will dig.

SOS! said...

Hehe I got that fleather H&M jacket in brown yesterday!!

xx-LJ from SOS!

Tabitha said...

I love both pics and the boots are amazing!!! :) You guys are always so cute in your outfits.

Anonymous said...

both look are very cool... so chic for the season!!

Lisa said...

You two look so cute! Happy new year, AsianCajuns. :-)

P.S. I envy you your balmy weather, having nearly slipped on black ice on the sidewalks countless times last night.

kittenmasks said...

I saw those boots at H&M! I was about to get them but ended up getting the fur coat instead. haha

Happy new year, girls! Hoping to see you in the '09~~

Unknown said...

Oh I've missed the ever-stylish outfit posts. Glad both of you are back up and running. Cath - that AA skirt paired with the leather jacket is too stylish for words. Lauren - exposed zips...mmmm...drool. That sounds a bit creepy. It wasn't meant to be!

j.wi said...

awesome outfits as always!

and, tag, you're it!! happy new year. :)

Angela said...

you gals look absolutely cute.

Atika Mulyawati said...

awwww i love your booties :)
i hope there's winter in indonesia hehe

AsianCajuns said...

Thank you Saray, Key, Fashion Therapist, Savvy Mode SG and May!

Miyu and d3bbie, they're great in a rainboot/ugg hybrid kind of way ;).

Issa, I feel like I've been spending this past fall and winter in tights and boots!

Lain, I'm confused...here's where I got the skirt: http://store.americanapparel.net/rsam303.html. Does that clear things up?

Ryder, we each bought that same knit cap years ago - it was a twin thing :).

MikeC, I actually got those boots are a giant thrift store in Maryland, but it was very similar to Last Chance Thrift in Decatur.

SOS, I wear that jacket all the time - it's definitely a great purchase.

Lisa, Atlanta doesn't get too cold, but we've been having very unseasonably warm weather the past few weeks. It almost feels like summer.

Ana b., you are too funny! It doesn't sound creepy, just maybe uncomfortable :).

Miss a., we were both eying the H&M fur coats the other day. I really want one! And someday I know we'll run into each other at Atlantic Station!

Hi Jenny, we'll get on the tag asap. One of my New Years resolutions is to get better at tagging!

Atika, I bet if you stand in front of a fan at full blast you'll be able to wear those boots comfortably!

L.I.N said...

such FAB outits to ring in the new year! happy two zero zero nine dearies :D

Juice said...

Cath, I LOVE your jacket :)

Anonymous said...

those boots are really ill!!!

geri hirsch said...

love them both! happy new year!!!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Great outfits. Both of your looks are perfect from head to toe!
Happy new year!

Sharon S said...

Hi girls-you both look so fabulous here very casual chic and cosy! A happy new year to you both!

Anonymous said...

Ladies, you are both simply gorgeous. Love those big smiles. Cath, I covet your boots. Lar, I covet YOUR boots for entirely different reasons. ;)

Happy New Year!!

AsianCajuns said...

Eleh, happy 2009 to you too!

Juice, I bought the jacket from H&M last year, but they have a very similar version in stock now. I highly recommend getting it.

Alex, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Geri, thank you!

Thank you Clothes Horse!

Happy New Year Sharon Rose!

Sal, the boots are covetable because they're both affordable ;)! happy new year!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Loving the style girlss!
Wishing you the sweetest New YEAR!

Anonymous said...

you girls are so adorable! i love the outfits!

La C.

yiqin; said...

The leather jacket is AMAZING! & I am so jealous of both of your boots!! Amazing. Happy New Year! :) We are birthday triplets! Hahaa

mlstauts said...

love the jacket, cath!

happy new year ladies!

this wheel's on fire said...

You both look so adorable!! Happy New Year girls! xoxo

Anonymous said...

those boots are cool. glad you girls are feeling better.

kokostiletto said...

YOU GUYS LOOK BEATIFUL - as always! great boots!!!! happy new year!

Alice X said...

I LOVE your shoes! Those boots are awesome and someone should seriously do a compilation of all the bloggers who wore AA pocketed skirts this year, there were definitely tons of them!

Pamela Tan said...

happy new year gorgeous twins! :):)

Songy said...

Good to see you out and about looking gorgeous as ever!

Happy New Year!!

{Tara} said...

Oh, you are both looking so chic in your winter neutrals!!! LOVE the H&M boots...why can't we have an H&M here!!??

Annie Spandex said...

You guys both look amazing, and I love the booties!

J.M. Powell said...

i am seriously obsessed with that zipper dress. looks awesome on you.

Anonymous said...

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