Sunday, June 24, 2007

Atlanta Pride

The city of Atlanta is a mixed bag of opposing characteristics. For example, the city spent millions of dollars in the 70s to create MARTA (the city's version of a subway system), but it has a giant highway running straight through the center. It's also considered a major center of the civil rights movement, but today it remains socially segregated. And then, around this time of year, one of the city's largest dichotomies becomes even more apparent. I'm of course referring to the conservative southern Atlanta (fundamentalist baptists, neo-conservatives, all-white country clubs, khaki shorts, southern belles) vs. gay Atlanta. The annual Atlanta Pride Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the city. The event includes a huge market place, all-day entertainment and the highly popular Pride Parade. Now in it's 37th year, it really is one of the best festivals in the city.

Last night I attended the VIP Pride party at the Magnolia Room in Piedmont Park. I did feel a little out of place being one of the only straight people there, but it was a lot of fun. A number of Atlanta's top restaurants were offering tastings of their best dishes, there was an endless supply of watermelon martinis and the "flight attendants" at the Delta lounge were passing out gift bags. I'm guessing that Delta was the major sponsor of the party (and overall festival), which explains why everything was plastered with the triangular Delta logo, including the complimentary Delta flask:
All in all it was a fun night. For those of you brave enough to venture downtown today, enjoy the parade!


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Frasier said...

Hi again,
I am not white but I am a Baptist Christian and common opinion among us is that we dont identify with people who spread hatred of gay people.Thats not what Christ taught and thats not what he wants coming out of a Christians moth!
Jesus loves us all!