Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Susie of Style Bubble (one of my favorite blogs) has coined the term "lovies" for things "you actually don't need on a practical level but you absolutely love." She posted hers here and invited others to show off theirs, so I thought I'd join in on the fun. My lovies are a bit more tame than some of the other girls who can afford sample sales, but here they are:

From L to R: Custo Barecelona mod dress, Ferragamo brown oxfords, red suede boots from Newport News catalogue, brown leather-ish fanny pack (bum pack in the UK), bejeweled bird pin, owl wrist clutch, faux Chanels from thrift stores, swirly black and white H&M puffed-sleeve dress, vintage green clutch, sparkle scarves from street vendor in Murcia, Spain, over-sized collar plaid jacket from H&M, Betsy Johnson cocktail dress circa 1998, houndstooth scarf in gray and pink, handmade necklace from a little shop in Florence, Italy, Young Blood Gallery tee, denim vest from Anthropologie sales rack. Fin.


Mare said...

Hey, it's Aunt Mare again. First, I particularly like the red suede boots (I cannot have enough boots), the scarves (back in the day, when I was going to school in Ireland, I bought quite a few--I still have one or two, but always can find use for more), and I love that t-shirt...and that's just for starters. But why I'm really writing is to let you know that I just found out that there is a rose named "Cajun Sunrise." It's beautiful. Later dudes. Laissez les bon temps rouler! M.

AsianCajuns said...

Hi Aunt Mare!
Yes- we are also huge fan of boots! Though we cheated on boots yesterday and bought some wedge-sandals instead.
We checked out the "Cajun Sunrise." Gorgeous. Beautiful. Lovely. Do you think it smells like gumbo?

- said...

cute lovies, love the laced shoes