Friday, June 29, 2007

Gypsy Camp

Gypsy Camp is one of Atlanta's best kept secrets. Located behind the Angel in Decatur, it's only open a few weekends out of the year. Basically, Gypsy Camp is a collective of wholesalers selling their leftovers for super low prices. It's mostly outdoor/garden pieces and homewares like mirrors and pitchers. The first time I went to Gypsy Camp I bought a giant, circular wall mirror for $18! They also have great garden statues (without the weird creepy faces that some have) for only $30. Everything is priced so low I can't image anyone going in and not coming out with somthing. Even my boyfriend, who hates shopping with a passion, bought a pitcher for his mom. Gypsy Camp is open this weekend. I recommend going because you never know when the next sale will be.

The images below are just a taste of the goodness you can find:



Frasier said...

We may check it out this weekend.Please continue posts like this.I live on the southside of towN and it does not have interesting stuff to do(IT SUCKS!)
Thanks again

LalaLiu said...

how cool! sounds like a fun store! I wish they had something like this in southern california (maybe they do and I just don't know about it :P) I keep telling my parents that we need to decorate the house!

AsianCajuns said...

Frasypoo, definitely try to make it this weekend - you won't be disappointed! I'm planning on checking out some flea markets around town this summer, so I'll keep you posted.

Lalaliu, my parents live in Maryland and I'm always buying stuff for my mom at Gypsy Camp because there's nothing like it anywhere else!

mermer said...

this sounds awesome! I was out of town this weekend, but when is the next one? I love the blog btw. I'm also asian and moved to atlanta a few years ago from new york and california before that, so it's really neat finding like-minded people here who blog too! anyway, check out my blog if you're interested. thanks again for the tip!

housemartin.typepad said...

i have heard about this. sounds amazing! do you have any more info - like a website or link? do they only do it once a year? I'd love to plan a trip around this. thanks!

AsianCajuns said...

For some reason I didn't even think to look for a Gypsy Camp site, but there is one: I'll also add the link to the post.

Anonymous said...