Monday, June 25, 2007

Go International Update

Only 22 more days until the Libertine line at Target is released and the Alice Temperley Go International preview is already available for your viewing pleasure at It looks pretty good - I especially love the oversized gray sweater (bottom left corner). The Libertine line will run through September 15, so I suppose that's when the Temperley line will be released.

According to Fashionologie, Erin Fetherston (pictured here with Zooey Daschel) is the next designer after Temperley. It's an odd choice for the fall/winter line, but I can't wait to see some great dresses at Target prices!


Eli said...

can we skip Libertine all together? I mean, cmon. Really do we need it?

DecaturArtsAlliance said...

I still have hope for Libertine. July 15 is judgement day. Expect a post about it!