Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paper Bag It

Lately, every time I go shopping, I've been looking for pants and skirts with paper bag waists. They seem so flattering. I've found a few online, but I'm determined to find something that's a little bit cheaper. I love the way this girl on Oslostil has worn her paper bag-waisted skirt - it's pulled together, but not too serious.

Topshop Tie Ruche Skirt around $36, Acne Jeans Tie Waist Tulip Skirt around $350, Topshop Wide Leg Trouser around $90.



Joyce said...

i want a paperbag highwaisted short, so so so wanting that thing, but untill now i cant seem to find a nice (payful) one. BUT in about two weeks i'll be in Schotland, they have a topshop, and topshop means : paperbag highwaisted shorts!

Eli said...

I saw the saddest thing. I found some pants that were like this at a store...but they were chloe and weighed like ten pounds and were like 19999999 dollars, sigh. They were so nice.

AsianCajuns said...

Joyce, we lived in Scotland for a few months and frequented the Edinburgh Topshop. It's a great store and if you're a student make sure to tell them at check out because you get 10% off!

Eli, let me know if you find some cheaper paperbag waisted pants - they seem hard to come by unless you're as rich as the Olsens.

Renzo said...

omg!!her legs!! are transparent!!!