Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vacation Shopping

Here's the last batch of our vacation photos. We didn't do too much clothing shopping in Washington, but we did visit a handful of really cute shops.

Olga's is on Orcas Island and reminded me of a small, more elegant Anthropologie. The store was a mix of jewelry, clothing and home decor goods. The dressing room had the most beautiful wallpaper in it - like something you'd see in Domino magazine.

At a nearby shop, Lauren and I fell in love with these Mongolian-inspired Ugg-like boots. If they had been a little cheaper, we would have both gone home with a pair. I really don't know what I would have worn with them, but I'd wear them everywhere. The boots remind me of something that a celebrity would be caught wearing in US Weekly's worst dress section, which makes me like them that much more. In the end, my practical side got the best of me and all I have to remember these Mongolian ugg boots by are these photos.

I think I spent most of my money at Seattle's Pike Market. I couldn't get over the rows and rows of fresh flowers available there. We purchased a bunch of Sweet Peas for $5! That kind of money might get you a few carnations in Atlanta - if you're lucky.



Frasier said...

Those flowers are beautiful !So are those boots....They are cute but yet theres a side to them that may put you on Glamour mags last page with a bar across your face!!! they look so comfy though!!
Great office wear pics.Have you seen a store called Dots.Its stuff made real cheap but very cute styles.

s.i. michaels said...

The sweet peas grow wild all over here--we used to have them in our front yard. Great pics--and yes, those boots are oddly hypnotic.