Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation Outfits

We tried to go against our nature and pack lightly for our trip to the northwest. This was a difficult task considering that we had to plan for hot days and cold nights. During the day we wore skirts and shorts with tees and at night we wore skinny jeans with hoodies, jackets and scarves.
We took a couple of ferry rides around the San Juan Islands and passed the time by reading and writing in our journals. Lauren protected her nose from sunburn with a scarf, which resulted in a kind of international waters-pirate look (top right) and Maris relaxed with her large Marc Jacob sunglasses (bottom left).
I didn't realize until after reviewing our photos that we wore mostly blue on the trip.
Lauren's outfits were more colorful than mine with more reds and purples.
Bundled up and eating breakfast on the 7 am ferry to Friday Harbor.



Frasier said...

Fantastic pictures.My kind of trip when you have the cold balanced with the heat!!!
Looks like a great trip!

AsianCajuns said...

Yeah, I was getting sick of the Atlanta heat, so this was the perfect vacation!