Monday, July 30, 2007

Tibet Style

A couple of months ago Domino did a feature on Tibet Style (above). It's a coffee table book filled with vibrant images of nomadic Tibetans. I didn't think much of the article - especially since I couldn't imagine realistically using hot pink paint on molding in a dark blue room - until I saw the book in person this past weekend at B&N.

I was blown away by the photographs, which mainly focused on individuals wearing huge winter coats, lined with fur and colorful piping. From a superficial, stylistic standpoint, the Tibetans in the photos look incredibly stylish even when the temperature is around five degrees. The unusually-cut outerwear would give Mr. Alexander McQueen a run for his money any day.

The book is a great source of design inspiration - I hope it makes it into my local public library soon!


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La Principessa said...

That really is awesome! I've never seen anything like it. I don't buy Domino, but I might have to sometime!