Monday, July 23, 2007

Man in a Suit

As a huge fan of fashion, an unabashed Jane Austen fanatic, a graduate of an all-women's college and former ballet dancer, I have to say that 99% of the time I feel pretty lucky to be a woman. Then there's that 1% - whether it's due to that dreaded time of the month or having just read that women still get paid less than their male counterparts on average - where I 'm incredibly envious of men. But what makes me more jealous than anything else, regarding the opposite sex, is the fact that any man - and I mean any man - can look amazing in a suit. It doesn't even necessarily have to be an extremely well made suit, just one that fits decently, and the wearer is immediately transformed from humdrum to Cary Grant. Women can look incredibly glamorous in a blazer and trousers, but it's not the same and we have no suit equivalent.

The image below (from the Sartorialist, of course) is just one of the million examples of the suit's greatness. Even with exposed ankles and a man bag, this guy looks elegant in such a strong, masculine way.
P.S.: The Sartorialist titled this photo "A Man of Underterminable Origin." I wonder if he's an AsianCajun...


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