Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

According to the Atlanta Business Journal, Zara and Lush are slated to open in Lenox! For me, this is almost better than H&M coming to Atlantic Station. Lauren and I use to shop at Zara all the time in Spain (it's the cheapest there b/c it's based out of Spain). It has a great mix of trendy pieces and work wear, which I'm in desperate need of.

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Lush is a great UK-based store that we frequented in Scotland. It has wonderful handmade soaps that smell really fresh and all-natural facial and hair products.

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We try to avoid Lenox for the most part, but a Zara and Lush might change all that...



Frasier said...

Watch out for car thieves at Lenox!According to the news it ranked the highest in GA!!
I understand what you mean about Lenox,the snooty people and typical stores,bratty teenagers.....
I found some pants by Zara at Ross and always wondered about them.$8.00 a piece !Looking forward to the store opening!

Michelle said...

But when are they opening? They'll probably arrive just as I leave for the cornfields!

AsianCajuns said...

Zara is expected to open around November once the Neimans wing is complete. I'll keep my eye out for any updates!

Eli said...

were supposed to get an H&M in vegas on labor day! It's so annoying there already isnt one here!!!!

We got the zara a while ago,but it still is a little pricey for a few things.

But if I could, I would work in an office where all I wore was Zara.