Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Shopping in WePo

Friday night all the shops on West Ponce de Leon Ave (also known as WePo) in Decatur were having a sale. Not ones to miss an opportunity like this, we put on our walking shoes and headed west from the Decatur square. Fabutique, Eviva Shoes and Boogaloos had some great deals, but we were the most successful at Kaleidoscope Boutique and Heliotrope.

Lauren bought a tall, turquoise lantern and a beautiful pearl-y, shell-like necklace. The great thing about Heliotrope is that it has modern, chic items (vases, bowls, trays, candles, accent pieces etc) that are incredibly affordable. For those of you in the Atlanta area, we highly recommend it!

Usually Kaleidoscope Boutique is way out of my budget, but the discounts were good enough to make shopping there more realistic and less of a if-only-I-had-the-money experience. Lauren bought a flow-y, sheer tunic (pictures to come later) and I found a patterned, jersey tunic that I'll wear with my vintage, woven belt (left photo).

All in all, a very productive Friday evening.


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Frasier said...

I like that jersey top.I will have to check out WePo.Strangely hubby likes window shopping too.