Sunday, September 23, 2007

Black and White Friday

Here are some more quick outfit pics we took in our new apartment. Yessiree, that is a spiral staircase up to our loft! We think it ads a little drama to the usual outfit photo.
On Friday, Cath and I both wore black and white without planning it. Cath is a little more laid-back-Mick-Jagger (tight pants) and I went mod.

white shirt-
vest- american apparel
black pants- cheap mondays
shoes- target

mod tunic:
leggings: old navy
black boots: target


WendyB said...

Great outfits and fab staircase!

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely lovely!!!
you both look fantastic!!
it would be great to have a twin :(

Anonymous said...

by the way:
i love the tunic and the sunglasses!!!

Mare said...

Uber-cool outfit! Hope your move went well!
Aunt Mare

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for all the sweet words, guys! Key, I'll be the first to admit that having a twin is pretty great. It's like having a built in best friend, roommate and double the amount of clothes ;).

Vintage Bunny said...

great outfits.Very chic

L.I.N said...

i like both your outfits.
black and white are always lovely together! and and i too want a spiral staircase!