Thursday, September 27, 2007


Even though I've never owned a pair of Campers shoes, I've always been a big fan. They're well-made shoes, meant for serious walking and have been popular in Europe for years. Now I'm starting to see Campers in a number of stores/boutiques in the U.S., so I think the trend has finally crossed the pond. Better yet, the 2007 fall line has some really great designs. If I can give up on some other things on my wish list, I might have money to actually buy a pair (Campers usually run between $150 and $250). To see more styles - including men's shoes - visit

These are my absolute favorites. I'd wear them with a skirt and dark tights.

I already have a pair of oxfords, but these have a great copper color - unusual, but not flashy.
These would also look great with opaque tights or super skinny jeans tucked.



L.I.N said...

gosh. them shoes are amazing. now now... I probably should go beg my mum to buy me one. But I guess it would be useless anyway. "Use your own money" she always say. Ahaha.

Anonymous said...

definetly i´ll buy a cople of them!! =)

Lynn said...

dead trees coupled with lovely moon definitely works!

chic dressing as ever... and lovely view btw.

campers definitely is a good brand. i owned a pair when i was a student, a gift from an aunt, but we went our separate ways... hmm such is life (very much regret that). definitely go for it, girl. based on my before and after experience, i'd definitely starve for it haha!

AsianCajuns said...

Eleh, I bet your mom would give in eventually. Campers are so practical.

Key, make sure to post your purchases on your blog!

Lynn, I'm totally with you on that one. Who needs food when there are great shoes to be had?

Anonymous said...

You know, I hated these when everyone in my college town (gawd, 7 years ago) started wearing them. But then, they looked like wrestling shoes with heavier soles. These on the other hand, are divine.