Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Peter, Bjorn & John featuring The Clientele

We saw quite a good show at Variety Playhouse tonight. The Clientele opened with some great tunes and self-effacing jokes. The band is from England, but they've played in Atlanta a couple of times. I hope they visit again soon. I'd like to see a show where they're the headliners.

Of course Peter, Bjorn & John were great in all their Swedish loveliness. Peter, the lead singer, really hams it up on stage and the band as a whole is really charismatic. Their fashion sense isn't half bad either. Peter wore a white button-up with a gray blazer and matching, tight jeans - a very nice outfit, but the jeans seemed a little tight for his scissor kicks. Bjorn opted for a shrunken motorcycle/bomber black jacket and I couldn't really tell what John was wearing, but he looked mighty nice behind the drums.

In the images below the blue blur is a shot of The Clientele and the orange blur is Peter, Bjorn & John.

We took some outfit pictures in the alley near Variety Playhouse. The painting below is part of a mural on the side of Seven Stages.

We were taken with the "Oh Jennifer mi amor" artwork on the Ragorama wall - so passionate...and such an upturned nose!



Anonymous said...

jeje nice graffii :) and also the same color of your shirt!!


AsianCajuns said...

So observant, Key! I didn't notice that until now!

Frasier said...

Great pics.....glad you guys had fun

LalaLiu said...

how fun! love your outfit and that wall behind you!