Thursday, September 6, 2007

Faulkner with Strings Attached

Marionettes and Faulkner. We're Serious, it's Genius! Trust Us...

We promise we will return to our fashionista selves shortly, but we beseech you, if you are anywhere in the Atlanta area this is not to be missed. Sept. 6-Sept. 23 at PushPush Theatre, Haverty Marionettes are performing an adaptation of William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

I know, I know, we thought the same thing that you're thinking now. We were not particularly big fans of either Faulkner or marionettes (or so we thought)... but we promise you, the creativity of Haverty Marionettes and (we hate to say it) the genius of Faulkner, really work. The marionettes, the shadow puppets, the musicians, the actors/puppeteers, the set design all kept us entranced for 2 hours of southern gothic greatness on strings.

PushPush Theatre is located right in East Decatur Station off of College Ave. Conveniently, one of the best restaurants around, Duck's Cosmic Kitchen (home of the most amazing doughnuts ever- yes better than bliss itself, the KrispyKreme) is located just by PushPush. We stopped there for dinner first and were pleasantly surprised to find it was half-price wine night on Thursdays. What are you guys waiting for? We totally planned the perfect evening for you and your eccentric, foodie buddy. Enjoy!


Frasier said...

I may try persuading my husband to some wining and dining!Though the Krispy kreme may persuade him!

AsianCajuns said...

Sounds like a plan! If he doesn't like it you can put the blame on us ;)!