Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ultimate Donut (yes, even better than KK)

Just a quick pic to make you drool. Cath and I have mentioned them before, but never with a photo. These delightful morsels are from Duck's Cosmic Kitchen in Decatur. We really do love Krispy Kreme, but even at the risk of sounding horribly disloyal to the donut king, we whole-heartedly encourage every one of you in the area to taste one of these cakey, buttery delights covered in sugar and cinnamon. If you tragically live outside the metro-Atlanta area, these are worth the plane/train/car trip alone. Coca-Cola Museum, eat your heart out.



Vintage Bunny said...

Will take your word for it.That maybe a convincing point for my husband to ride there

AsianCajuns said...

It really should be. Once he tastes these donuts, he'll want to come to Decatur every weekend.

Another great thing about Duck's is that everything is made fresh and all the ingredients are locally grown.