Monday, January 14, 2008

Posh and Marcs

When I first heard that Victoria Beckham was going to be in Marc Jacobs' ads I thought the fashion designer had completely gone off the deep end. Shame on me for having so little faith in Marc. These photos are wonderfully cheeky.

I think what saves the photo below from looking too Victoria Beckham-ish is the non-sensical face hat (head piece?) and giant shoe box.

This photo could look incredibly crass if Beckham was wearing tall, pointy stilettos. Instead, the off-kilter shoes add the right amount of humor to make it a classic MJ ad.

Photos from Just Jared


WendyB said...

That's true about the shoes. The crazy shoes keep that last photo from being disgusting! But I still don't like the shoes.

kokostiletto said...

no kidding i LOVE posh even more after these pics. but i on the other hand LOVE those shoes!!

Alya said...

I am completely against putting Victoria in the ads. I've said this before, she is so NOT a Marc Jacobs girl.

Even though the ideas were original, she still isnt the right face for the brand.

And did anybody notice how fake-baked she looked?

AsianCajuns said...

Wendyb and bitterbabe, i can't decide whether or not I love them (for their humor) or hate them (for their ridiculousness).

Pomegranate, I understand where you're coming from. Victoria makes everything seem un-Marc Jacobs and I think her skin has been permanently dyed that color.

ellastica said...


She has no class and little understanding of MJ's ground-breaking, culture defining/defying fashion ethos.

The shoes are very elsa schiaparelli!