Saturday, January 26, 2008

SJP on the Town

I found these photos on of Sarah Jessica Parker promoting the Sex and the City movie. There are a couple of things I really like about this outfit: the combination of white, gold and black, the high dramatic collar of the coat and the petite gold-handled handbag. The best part is the stylizing of the coat. I love how it's flipped out at the end, revealing the lining and the same studded belt that was seen on SJP while the movie was being filmed is used to cinch the waist.

Of course I have a couple of dislikes. The strap-y sandals look sloppy with all those excess tabs sticking out and I think a pair of shoes with slightly more toe coverage might have grounded the outfit more. But, at the end of the day, I'm no style expert and I'm not the one who's made millions by dressing Carrie Bradshaw.



Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment on the shoes. The shoes seem too skimpy and sloppy for the amount of coverage and detail on the coat. But you can't be so "fashion forward" without a couple of stumbles.

NonchalantMod said...

imagine seeing Carrie walking down the street opposite you wearing that! you would be lik ,"wow!!"

by the way i would love it if you came and joined my fashion forum at

Wendy said...

This outfit is too outrageous for words. The best item in my opinion are the shoes, just not in this ensemble, but they have the most potential for practicality.

kokostiletto said...

I seriously LOVE those tights. I NEED to go out and find those tights right now!!!

AsianCajuns said...

Jackie, you are very right. SATC wouldn't have made a such an impact in the fashion world had they stayed on the conservative side.

Cee-Cee I can't wait to check out your fashion forum.

Wendy, there's actually a more outrageous outfit from the same shoot that I didn't include. It made this outfit look practical.

Bitterbabe, let me know if you find them!

Michelle said...

Those tights!